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Replacement pads for Koss PortaPro Jr.?

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I've got an old pair of Koss PortaPro Jrs... at least 10 to 12 years old, I think. They've been laying around unused for a long time and I just got the itch to pull them out to compare with a new set of Grado SR60s for fun. I knew they'd be bassier; just wanted to hear how much.

Alas, the pads on the Kosses have deteriorated badly and had to come off.

Does anyone know if Koss sells pads for them? Or should I just get the cheap pads from Radio Shack or something else?

Meanwhile, because I'm using reversed 414 pads on the 60s, I stuck the Grado comfies on the PortaPros. They actually sound pretty good (listening to Archie Shepp w/ Ritual Trio). They're still pretty boomy but I think they smoothed out the bass a little. They look a little funny too, but I never mind looking a little funny; it's kind of natural for me.

EDIT: OK, I do see replacement pads on the Koss site...
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Tried some different pads myself, stock 414 and reversed comfies.

Stock: a little muddy very much base
414: clearer better highs and mids but still lots of base
reversed comfies: took away almost all base. highs and mids a little clearer and more pronounced then the 414.

Thinking of doing several small holes or just one little in the middle of the 414. Get the highs and mids upp i little bit more, not loose to much base but make it less muddy.
any advice

sry for crapy english..
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