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Wow noyone mention the Auzentech Prelude..

A awsome sound card. Using it on my current setup.

Foobar (FLAC) > Auzentech Prelude > Corda Areitta > MS-2

This is all under vista 64 bit works great

The 0404 EMU USB has so much features on it (alot of crap used for mixing )

The Ht Omega Claro and the Prelude are pretty much on par imho
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Has anyone tried the Track-Pre EMU USB? any opinions on that?
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I vote for the emu 0404 PCI. It's half the price of the USB version, but unless you need the USB features, the PCI is a better deal and provides equal performance (verified myself with measurements and personal listening tests). The M-Audio Audiophile is also a great sound card, as is the Auzentech Prelude.

My advice: look up RMAA loopback tests for sound cards you're interested in (xxxx RMAA on google). If you get "good" or better for each parameter, chances are you'll be just fine in terms of sound quality - I've yet to see someone reliably distinguish between higher end DACs and a good quality soundcard. If you buy into any audio engineering theory, the measured statistics that RMAA gives are the parameters that provide the most tangible (audible) parameters of subjective sound quality. An EMU0404 or comparable card will get you 99.9% of the sound, if not 100%. After that, you're chasing for marginal increases in sound quality.
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Sub $200, really, the Asus Essence STX. Or any of the Asus range for Dolby Headphone + movies that have Dolby 5.1 data = fantastic.

It is the best DAC + headphone amp combo for sub $200. Dolby Headphone to boot = great for your needs.
Asus Essence STX = crazy good value as a DAC/amp combo.
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