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Hi all,

Just wanted to let you guys know that I recently purchased 2 x Led Zeppelin Classic pressings from Acoustic Sounds and had to send both of them back. Not something I wanted to do as it cost me over AU$40!

I have many 30 y.o. records in my collection and none sound as bad as these. It's like there is sand in the grooves! And not just at either end of the record but the whole way through.

I also have Peter Gabriel Shaking the Tree on a Classic pressing, also from Acoustic Sounds, and that has ticks and pops the whole way through on all 4 sides. I'll keep that album and hope that one day when I acquire a RCM, that the problem can be fixed with a thorough clean.

I might add that my email to Classic re the Zep albums was never answered.

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Greetings all!

My first post here (although I've been snooping around for awhile), and I am so happy to have found a forum with such friendly people for a change! Anyway, this thread has been most illuminating since I am one of those persons who has recently started buying records again, and I have been getting some defective records of my own apparently. One of note is Johnny Cash's American IV, issued by American Records. I honestly believed that the snap, crackle, and pop was something that I would just have to live with. I've just ordered a 200gm pressing of a Sarah McLachlan album by Classic Records only to arrive at this thread 5 minutes after the order shipped. Gulp. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
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I feel bad adding to an already lengthy thread on the subject (and after having a similar discussion in another thread), however out of curiosity, I pulled out ALL of my Classic 200g pressings and have been burning up my Elys spinning these slabs in an attempt to hear something comparable to the samples Jerome posted some time ago. The only noise (similar to the samples) I have heard so far was on LP 1, Side B, Track 1 on Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue (non-lipped pressing).

I find it somewhat amusing that I never *really* heard this before I read this thread! The pops are there, mind you, but I think I am now listening for the noise, instead of just listening to the music, and my brain is more sensitized towards hearing flaws. However, by the end of Track 1, the noise is gone, 'cept for what one would expect for vinyl.

I find this interesting, if only because it further illustrates what differences people hear when listening to music. I suppose part of that equation is the type of music one listens to. As I generally listen to music that is full and loud (rock, punk, jazz) there are rarely the quiet, subdued moments you find in classical (sorry to generalize - I know classical can be as loud and rambunctious, if not more, than say... King Crimson - and that rock can be quiet...) perhaps recordings of this nature hide flaws that would otherwise be front and center.

Anyway, so far out of the 30 or so Classic 200g's I own (purchased over the past 2-3 years) only that one track has the issues discussed here. Like I said in another thread, maybe I have been lucky, (I will admit that AP's Blue Note 45's are, in relation to any new vinyl I have purchased, the most quiet pressings I have ever listened to). But I also make a point to always request that the LPs be shipped out of their sleeves - to avoid any split seams - so maybe whoever does that takes a cursory look at the vinyl? I don't know.

I do find it very interesting that something I generally think of as a tangible, black + white issue (clicks, pops, surface noises are either there or they're not) is, like everything else in our "audio-weirdo" world, subjective. It's really unfortunate - because I don't think relatively small labels like Classic, Sundazed or Lost Highway can really afford to be yet another variable in our quest for *the* sound, especially when it means that people will wish them out of business. If I did pray, I would pray that "audiophile" quality pressings become 99% reliable, that people's faith be restored in these small labels and that vinyl continues to live on... cos it's the only damn medium I will listen to - happily.
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Originally Posted by jsaliga View Post
Just a mini-update.

I placed two smallish orders with different dealers than I have been using. One went to Acoustic Sounds and another with Music Direct. Both orders were for five records: two Classic Records 200g vinyl (a pair of Duke Ellington albums), one Speakers Corner 180g release of Music From Peter Gunn by Henry Mancini, and several Blue Note and OJC resissues.

The good news is that all the albums were fine and I had no problems (I can't tell you how refreshing that experience was!). So I am somewhat encouraged by this. I just put in two more orders: one for 6 albums with Acoustic Sounds and another for 5 albums with Elusive Disc.

FYI, in case you were not aware, Acoustic Sounds charges for return shipping if you receive a vinyl that is defective in any way. I just had this experience with a 2007 Tonefloat release of Porcupine Tree - Lightbulb Sun. What a bummer! It is too bad Amazon (US) does not get more into the vinyl distribution game.
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I have a Bud Powell on Classic Records that has a loud ring through the first song on side one. Besides that I have not had any problems with the label. They may not be dead quiet, but that is a symptom of the medium. I own about 10 releases from Classic. The problem label for me is Simply Vinyl; a Tom Waits album sounds amazing from Simply Vinyl and it whet my appetite. Then I bought the three Clash titles. They sound horrible. They are mastered way too low and the noise level is ridiculous.
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Just for information, not all 200g pressings are problem prone. For example, ANY 200g pressing from Japan is almost flawless in my collection. I must have about 25 ~ 30 japanese pressings and each one of them is some of the best slabs of vinyl to grace my setup. Look at Venus records, DIW etc.
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I just found this thread.

The last three orders of Classic Records have been flawed.

Jimi Hendrix Axis: Bold As Love Mono 200g - big scratch on track1 and track 2 of side 1
Attachment 27574

Neil Young Greatest Hits - an obvious industrial flaw plus way to much noise - not static.
Attachment 27575

Who Live At Leads, the album was warped in a bowl shape - middle was lower (or higher) than the outside lip. No photo

Not to pleased at the moment with what Classic Records is putting out.
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