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i just got myself a magnum, the sound is so good.
really enjoy on it

the stand-alone amp is superb as compare to some separated amp.
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Wonder how it compares with the Boa. I'm a bit hesitant on the magnum due to the price and its issues with Kernel and ASIO
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How much is it?
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Wilson travelling a lot, business, so delay with answers is normal, well kind of. Another thing is that his product, go-vibe I mean, are very popular in Asia, which is his main business territory, I believe, so supplying on time/quickly outside of it, isn't easy I guess.

Patience = gold
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Uncle Wilson gets a lot of emails everyday (including spam) so he is a bit slow on the email reply. Those of you who are interested in anything Jaben carries should register to its forum (takes a week to certified in order to rule out spammer) so you can PM uncle that way. It usually takes only a day for forum member to get an answer as long as he isn't on the move.
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my go-vibe magnum picture


this link is my go-vibe magnum picture.

and good sound item ^^
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Those are some pretty good pics.

I'm surprised more people haven't picked up this little beauty yet. It's a STELLAR little amp.
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Seems like this is priced at $349 at unclewilsons site. About ~$150 more than the petite. Cost more than i expected.
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The price has taken the itch out of my trigger finger as well. With more positive feedback from other owners though maybe the itch will return.
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$350 isn't unreasonable considering the prices of some other amps out there today. Although it does make it less of an impulse buy.

It is however a huge step up from the Petite...
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I believe once there is more praise for this amp especially positive comparisons against 2move, it will start to get more attention. It looks great in dark wine!
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I just noticed...this is in the wrong forum. Probably lost in the whole transition to sub-forums.
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ya..wrong section

i just got mine..totally trounce my petite in all area

but the price is more expensive than petite but still cheaper than those rsa or corda or ae amp..
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Originally Posted by oicdn View Post
You can get them here:

Jaben Network

PM Uncle Wilson, or goto that site and send him an eMail and see what it will be with shipping. I suspect the pricing is in the same ballpark as the Petite.
It is not on the site yet. I was just there. I wonder what the Vulcan is like.
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Originally Posted by oicdn View Post
I don't think it will recharge via usb. When I received it, it was near dead and it died on me while attached only via USB. As far as hours go, it has battery life sitting over 50 hours on niMH batteries. Drop some lithiums in there and expect a huge jump.
Can anyone verify this? I checked the unclewilson website and it states 10 hours, read the Magnum thread in the Jaben forums and people have said the battery life varies from 4 to 14 hours or so.
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