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"Review An Album You Like" thread

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Hi folks

Seeing the "Rate a movie" thread being so popular and also wanting to get more ideas for good music, other than those in the "what are you listening to now" thread, I thought perhaps we could have a thread where folks post a mini-review/recommendation of an album that they have been enjoying, with comments about the performer, the genre and feel of the album, the performances of the musicians, and also its recording quality. So basically, something in the spirit of LFF's pick of the week, where one writes up a small review that gives real information, and not just a rating like "3 out of 5".
Hopefully it will become a useful resource and not a "postcount boosting" thread

I see the only way to maintain a thread with useful reviews as by having some generic template that can be copied and filled out. Below is a basic template I drafted up, and would like to know if any of you think this idea would be of interest and if you think any other additions to this "template" would make the thread more useful.
EDIT : This post was intended as a call for ideas, but has gone "live" already , so I have change the title of the thread.

Having everything in one thread would make it easier to search (using an artist name or genre) and find music that you will probably like.

If you have anything you think would work well in the template, shoot me a PM. Thanks

Edits :

Added "Language/Nationality"
Added "Best Track"



Artist/Band Name :

Album Title : Perhaps also include a small jpg of the album cover.

Year of Recording :

Genre : Pop, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Flamenco, Rap, Classical, Opera, Vocal, Instrumental, World Music etc...

Language/Nationality : If applicable, as in "World Music" genre or music with vocals in a particular language or instruments from a certain country.

Information about the artist/band/recording : Anything you think is noteworthy. The lesser known the artist is, the more relevant this would be. Links to good websites about the artist/band.

Your impressions : Your review, with your impressions and comments about the album, the songs, the performances on it and what you liked/didn't like, the mood of the songs, album...anything you feel like sharing or describing about the album. Feel free.

Best Track : The one track you would most recommend people hear.

Recording Quality : Poor? Audiophile grade? Is it something that you enjoy listening to with your headphones?

Similar albums/artists : Other recommendations that you think will appeal to folks who like this album.

Which headphone/rig you think suits this album : This is head-fi after all

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Here's an album I purchased last week and have been enjoying it a lot over the past few days.

Artist/Band Name : Sigh

Album Title : Hangman's Hymn

Year of Recording : 2007

Genre : Avantgarde Metal/ Black Metal

Information about the artist/band/recording :

Supposedly the first black metal band from Japan. These guys are simply crazy.


First off, recording quality isnt great. I know, big let down, I almost didnt bother listening to this album cos of that. But then I thought I'd give it a shot anyway. Man, its such a fun album. Very interesting use of orchestral sounding parts, traditional black metal sections mixed with some craziness. You really don't know what to expect next.

The album is divided into three sections with three songs each (4 in one). The songs have a nice flow, and there are some parts which I find hilarious. I don't know if its good sense of humor from the band or if they were trying to be serious. (but I am almost certain they were just having fun). But seriously though, if it werent for the orchestration, this album wouldnt have been half as good, its not very power metal epic sounding orchestra, although there are some Nightwish, Kamelot, Rhapsody sounding parts, its used a little less, and comes in and goes out several times, but that kind of makes it unique.

Recording Quality :

Poor. Not really good in any way, wouldve been a terrific record if it werent for the recording quality because there is quite a lot going on with orchestration kicking in randomly and some ambient sound effects. But for some reason the quality of the tracks seem to get slightly better as the album progresses. Nevertheless nowhere close to reference.

Similar albums/artists : Satyricon, Mercyful Fate, Agalloch, Burzum, DImmu Borgir (Most of these bands might not sound similar, thats cos Sigh gets a 10/10 for originality in my books)

Which headphone/rig you think suits this album : Um....anything?
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Musicmind, I think your proposal is very interesting and would help a lot to get suggestions on new music for everyone. I would participate as far as my English skills allowed me.
This mini-review format has many advantages over the limited "writing down a title" used in most other threads, and also would offer some insight on the album, to know if it'd be worth our particular attention considering our own taste and biases.
If more people agrees to participate, it'd be great having the thread with a "proper" title for easy identification by future memebers and posters.

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One of the album that makes me indulge into audiophile world, as odd as it might sound

Artist/Band Name :
Marit Larsen

Album Title :
Under The Surface

Year of Recording :

Genre :
Pop, Folk, Pop-Folk, Acoustic

Information about the artist/band/recording :
Wikipedia info on Marit Larsen

Your impressions :
I'm not really into folk-ish music at first, but when I listen to this, it sounds great. The lyrics is deep and the music is fun. I'm the kind of person who looks deeply on the lyrics of a song, I don't like lyrics that looks like its been made by monkeys, I love when it have meanings in it, especially about relationship, life story etc. And I love when the artists makes the lyrics and song themself

Although some of the songs have pretty straightforward meaning (like Under The Surface, Only A Fool and Recent Illusion), others is just exquisite (like Solid Ground, To An End and Poison Passion). Music on this particular songs excellent too, and much quieter than the rest, more focusing on vocal and the impression on instruments that she want to show

For me, the best song is The Sinking Game, the music (instruments, percussion) is just great, lyrics is astounding and it sounds fun fun fun

The odds are Come Closer, it sound so folk-ish I thought I listen to wrong album at first, but the chorus is just magical

Recording Quality :
The quality is fluctuate, the more popular song are 'hotter' than the not. Overall its not bad, and the vocal hasn't been touched (from what I heard, thumbs up for her) and the instruments is laid out pretty well and the separation is noticeable even on lesser system

Some songs does clip a little bit though

Similar albums/artists :
None that I can think of

Which headphone/rig you think suits this album :
This album sounds nice with LME49720 opamp, at least on my system, all other sounds horrible except this one. It gives minute details on some of the song. But I'll say it sound great on any setup, as it sounds better without any opamp, unless when I want to be analytical that's where LME498720 shines
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Now that we have kickstarted things, it looks like this will work. I suggest you rename the title of the thread to simply
"The "Review an album you like" thread"

Good job
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Artist/Band Name : Susie Arioli Band

Album Title : Live at Montreal Internatinal Jazz Festival

Year of Recording : 2007

Genre : Acoustic Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Swing

Language : English

Information about the artist/band/recording : The Susie Arioli band is swing jazz band from Quebec, Canada. I first heard of them on NPR a few years ago, and enjoyed their lively acoustic recordings with Susie Arioli on vocals and Jordan Officer on jazz guitar. I particularly like the guitar playing and the sound of the guitar, a good acoustic archtop jazz guitar sound similar to Tal Farlow/Johnny Smith played with a "Djangoesque" gypsy jazz accompaniment. This is a live recording from the Monreal Jazz Festival with an accompanying video of the concert.

Your impressions : This is a live concert recording with a compilation of songs from a few of their albums, mostly traditional jazz tunes like Honeysuckle Rose, Pennies from Heaven and The way you look tonight, played with a lively swing feel. Some of the songs are a bit more bluesy in a Chuck Berry/Duane Eddy feel. The band is comprised of upright bass, drums (brushes), two guitarists (rhythm and soloist) and vocals. There is a lot of really great guitar soloing and the band swings hard, much to the audiences delight. The vocals are very warm and intimate. Being a live recording, there are some extraneous noises a few times like bottles clanking in the distance, but it didn't spoil the enjoyment IMO. Good foot tapping swing which guitar fans should love.

Best Track : Honeysuckle Rose, He's Funny that Way

Recording Quality : Decent quality. This is a live recording however, so be prepared for a few clanks and coughs. I would recommend their studio albums if you want the best quality, but live recordings have an energy of their own. The bass drum does sometimes hiss with the volume of the guitar amp causing it to resonate during some loud parts.

Similar albums/artists : From the same band, "Pennies from Heaven". Bireli Lagrene - Blue Eyes, Rosenborg Trio, Brian Setzer.

Which headphone/rig you think suits this album : Live acoustic recording with nice soundstage, I've enjoyed this with AD2000 and the HD650. The bass and vocals benefit more from the HD650.
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