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This seems to be the official website for the Fiio I think:
Product Show-FiiO Electronic Technology


The smallest portable headphone amplifier in the world!
Improves the sound quality for MP3 MP4 Players Computers or Mobile Phones when using earphones or headphones.
Save your player battery and lengthen the play time when playing music.
It’s not about volume but Quality. A great pair of headphones can change you're listening experience--but only if they are driven well and properly powered. Put an E3 Headphone Amplifier between your music source and your favourite pair of headphones or earphones for an awesome personal listening experience right between your ears.

● Designed for high impendence and low sensitivity headphones, with bass boost function;

● Small and easy to carry and use in the outdoors;

● Increase your music player's play time;

● Uses only one AAA battery, for 20 hours playtime.
I really dig the:
It’s not about volume but Quality
So if we're lucky, it's not just a toy like the Boostaroo but instead something really useful. The comments so far in this thread are very positive.
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Got mine today as well. It really is tiny.
I also tried it with 600ohm AKG k240's. And it does a not too dissimilar job than my cMoy (the cMoy is possibly a teeny bit better), seems to have a little bit more bass emphasis though.

I was trying to figure how to open it without snapping the case... anyone figured it out? Possibly find a way to hack a volume control onto it...

Would using a in line attenuator be as good as a volume control? or would it degrade SQ much more than a volume pot?
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Come on... someone murder this ;p
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I also received mine today. Amazing, I had to sign for my $0.02 amp.
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I too was not prepared for how small it is -- about the size of a pack of gum, but a bit shorter. Somehow photos don't convey how small it is in real life.
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aww, how come I cant find any priced 1.50$ with 9.99$ shipping? I see only 19.99$
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I did a search:
11 items found for fiio from eBay international sellers
Starting bids were all GBP 0.01
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Here we go folks......

chip number- top line- MS (or M5) 7RG
bottom line- L4917
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and the underside....

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Mine has also been delivered (but I used my home address, not my current university address because I thought it would take longer coming from HK and I move out of university halls in 1 week).

Looking forward to testing it when I go home for summer next week.
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Originally Posted by nickyboyo View Post
Here we go folks......
chip number- top line- MS (or M5) 7RG
bottom line- L4917
Dude, how did you get it open?
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Easy mate, penknife along the join running along the top and bottom ends, being careful around the jack openings. Gently pry apart and just keep working, it will spread wider and wider then suddenly pop open. It's all good kabeer, you can even pop it back together when you've had a look around.
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Ok I tried the penkife method and wasnt getting anywhere.
So I put a pliers nose in the battery compartment and yanked it, and it flew open lol (not reccomended method!).
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Excuse the terrible photo quality (mobile phone).
But just wanted to show how tiny the actualy working part of the amp is! cant get smaller than this.
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Damn, that's some serious soldering skills. And cheap to boot. Kinda reminds me of Xin . Hope it sounds BIG too.
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