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Thanks for the great review. I was always interested in the K181s, but all the negative reviews left me skeptical, so I ended up buying a pair of Ultrasone DJ1 Pro's instead. Hopefully they'll sound alright
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I owned the K81DJs at one point. Definitely one of the worst cans I've ever owned. Incredibly uncomfortable, and poor sound with an extreme U-shaped frequency response.
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I really do not know much about what is inside there. I just tried to avoid harming anything!

I have not heard the 81s, but can assure you that the 181 does not sound like a "U". The mids are right there and very NICE!
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Oh, you said 181. I guess I'm more tired than I thought. Well, forgive me then.

If the mids are there than it is definitely better than its older brother 'phone.

(What I said is still true though. )
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I should preface this by saying that the K181s are the first over-ear headphones I've ever owned.


I had heard many good things about AKG while taking digital music production classes years ago, so when I decided to invest in some nicer headphones [previously I just had some Sennheiser earbuds], I gravitated towards AKG. I spent a couple weeks reading reviews, comparisons, etc... and eventually settled for these. I had kinda wanted some "flat" sounding headphones for monitoring purposes, but since I'm not doing much of that at the moment and am really into bass-heavy music, I figured it wasn't that big of a deal.


I've had the K181s for over a year now, and since day one have been in love with them. Indeed, as many reviewers will note, they tend to squeeze your head pretty tightly, and for the first couple months I couldn't wear them for more than a couple hours without my ears hurting. I considered doing the mod to make them more comfortable, but decided to wait it out instead (frankly I was kind of afraid of ruining them, lol). I didn't use books or anything to stretch them out, just wore them every day for a couple hours or so... and now I can sit at my desk with these things for 8+ hours without any discomfort whatsoever! I can't honestly say how long it took for me to "wear them in," but I don't think it was more than 2 months of regular use. It's not something I was consciously thinking about after the first few weeks.


Anyway, I generally agree with senns&nonsense's review, although I never noticed a "rolled off" treble sound. Perhaps my ears aren't as finely tuned as his/hers (or perhaps they're more finely tuned? haha)... but to me all frequencies seem to pop out with incredible clarity; there's no muddiness! They are fairly noise-cancelling too, a bit more so than I had originally expected. Great for listening to music, gaming, etc... I really can't complain about these headphones. Since they are indeed not neutral, I'd probably invest in another pair for production purposes... but for everything else, these are great! For the price, you really can't go wrong with the K181s. I highly recommend them.


edit: Don't let the bad reviews for these scare you away. I was hesitant to purchase them after hearing what some people had said about them... but having taken the risk and used these headphones for a significant amount of time, I have to say those bad reviews are a little overblown. The only truths in them are that the K181s are not neutral, and are a bit tight... at first. Hope that helps anyone having doubts about these.

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