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I have the Philips SBC HP845. I used it before I got my first Audio-Technica, the ATH-AD900. While I thought my Philips sounded pretty good, I now know better. The bass is booming while the midrange isn't involving at all and let's not even start about the highs. The highs are awful, period. The HP845 has rolled off highs like no other headphone I ever heard, and some people claim the Shure SE530 has rolled off highs.

I sure hope the SHP5400 is better than the HP845...
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Agkk81dj = big bang for buck, at 60 bucks from amazon right now.
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If the Philips won't hold up to my vintage Pioneer Monitor 10 it's pretty much crap. For bass the MDR V6 is a good reference with Kyuss in FLAC and the balance and details depend on my ears.

Now, is the SHP2700 equal or better than the SHP5400?
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Thanks, boyz - I got them!

Last week I saw the SHP5400 selling for £9 so I Googled them and found this thread so I ordered them and received them this morning.

I've adjusted the phones so that they don't press hard on the cartilage above the earlobe - easily done - and they are now very comfortable; and since I realised I needed to change the "environment" in the Realtek settings (I'm on "carpeted hallway" setting at the mo) they're really great. Especially for the money I'll be doing more experimenting with the sound settings.

I cannot be called an audiophile because I've never owned very high-end equipment (OMG it's so expensive!), but I've always yearned for good sound. I'm looking for room-filling sound that I can afford now.

Thank you for posting about these, Beyerfan, I wouldn't have bought this bargain without your help

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Anybody could compare these to Koss KSC75? SHP5400 are open headphones after all. 

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Sorry, Spacehead, I can't compare the Philips with the Koss - but I thought I'd add a word or two about the Philips now that I've used them for a while:


My old headphones had volume control on the earpieces and I really miss it - there's nothing on the Philips, not even on the cable.


Surprisingly, I prefer the "leatherette" earpiece covering of the old Ross to the stretchy nylon-y stuff on the Philips, which, even though it's so fine, can irritate the sensitive skin on my ears (poor little me, so sensitive ;) ).



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Seems like Philips treats the U.S. market like their poor stepchild when it comes to their electronic offerings. Can't purcahse the SHP5400, SHP2700 or the very interesting SHP9000. Luckily I was able to buy a couple of NOS SHP910's a few months ago, these are some of my favorite headphones ever, not really accurate or monitor-like but great fun. Philips now sells TV's and Blu-Ray players etc. made by their Funai partners in Korea in the U.S. market, never was a great fan of Funai products. Happy Listening.

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Would you guys rate these above the Beyer DT 235?


Exactly how open are they as open as a Grado, Porta Pro?

Or are they "on the closed side" of open? (Kinda like the DT, which are "on the open side" of being closed)

I consider these for gaming, since I heard that the soundstage is pretty good on these, but I need really open cans for gaming because I use microphones and hate to hear my own voice when talking.

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Never used philips before, for what kinds of music they are suited for? 

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Hi guys, I think I am probably the most experienced user on here with these headphones. Using them from 2007 until now and currently at my third pair. For a good reason really. I bought them at around 15 Pounds a piece and they simply are the BEST <100 Pound headphones I have auditioned. I even dare to say they are more pleasing than the ATH-ESW9, which sounded dull and too warm in comparison to these 'tight and fun' cans. The Grado SR80 on the other side of the spectrum is very fatiguing after a while due to a bright signature and over the top treble. 

What I can say in all honesty about these cans is that they do exactly what you expect from a portable pair of cans, they Deliver, period. They need a burn-in period of at least 60 hours for them to open up and tighten up the bass and accentuate the mid section. Everything is well balanced with the SHP5400/5401. The bass is Tight and never in the way of the highs or the mids. They are great for any type of music really, but work best with dance/electro/pop/rock (though they aren't insanely fast). To sum it all up; get them and enjoy them. They are a steal for the price. Just be careful with the cable/plug, hence my third pair ;-)

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I can't really see it in the photos I've found on the internet so I'll ask here: Are these headphones supra-aural? This topic is put in the full-size forum so they probably aren't but they really don't seem to cover the whole of your ears. Or maybe they do, I don't know. That's why I ask ;)

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Could anyone post a photo here of these headphones along with something of a well known size (such as a CD)? There are no photos of these headphones in that huge comparison and I got really interested but It would be good to know what sizes (the headphones themselves, the pads, etc) to expect. Hope I'm not asking for too much.

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Found this on google :
The picture on ljokerl's thread disappeared soon after he sold them. Dunno why.
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Is that a Benchmark DAC1 in the photo? This picture actually may help me.

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