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Nowhere that I know of. I got mine from Head-fi's for-sale sub-forum.
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woodwork - really nice tattoo

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Hi there,


Could someone check how deep are the jumbo pads? that is, what is the driver to ear distance?

I'm in the process of making a replacement an I'd really apprecciate if someone measured thid detail.

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Hi, does anyone where I might be able to get distancers in northamerica?
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i have had these for quite a while , i didnt really give them much attention after my DT880's came in 

and noe my DT880 are retired and i am using the Shure SRH-1840 , so this afternoon i was statring vacantly at my closet and remebered my MS1000 that were just sitting at the back of a box in the closet. 


so i dug them out , gave the SRH-1840 a a short run with my ears for about 30 min to carmen gomes...

then i plugged the ms1000 the zero dac , and took a listen to a song...

i was instantly impressed and was listen for 10 min before i realized i side tracked , i realize i was missing more bass in my 1840 , dont get me wrong the 1840's has way better bass accuracy then these , but these seemed to have a nicer bass ? made it seem more full



the soundstage was another , i instantly felt like i was "cheated " by the 1840's  

these had a wider stage " due to the longer cavity" 


the mids , well i could'nt concentrate on them the sound-stage was just taking all my attention.


and i dont know how to tell " treble rolloff " (i dont think i have realized this or maybe my hearing cant sense it or that i like it , ( alos couldnt sense it with the DT880's) 


overall the ms1000 made the music feel...er musical ? i sensed a little more aggression from it when i was listening to utada hikaru 



for me i only sensed a little diff between these two , and if say i was listening for long i dont think i would have been able to tell the difference , which make me feel alittle upset with the 1840 , even though i know their main title is to be super neutral  with a slight bass shyness.


I dont understand when people say that these bowl pads are comfortable...honestly i find them bloody irritating , they touch my ears and the sponge texture is like sand paper to my ears and to the side of my face.

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Originally Posted by SHAHZADA123 View Post

I will be trying this mod on these models
Magnum V4
& last, but certainly not the least
Would appreciate inputs.

For the RS1i, is it OK if the distancers are glued on? I don't know how to liberate the drivers and would rather keep it this way.

A pair of vintage SR200 with HP-2 drivers are arriving in a week and I'll be able to try this mod.
Anyone have experience with this.

Curious if you ever 1000'd the Magnum... thoughts?

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Haven't been here for months, astonishing that the thread still seems to be (kind of) alive.


To the Magnum issue: I 1000'ed a Magnum for someone last year. The result was a bit ambivalent: The mids and treble section outperformed even my MS Pro Ulti (a 1000'ed MS Pro for those who don't know), that was a new benchmark in respect of "being there" naturalness. What I personally didn't like were the lower registers, there was simply less bass. Maybe this can be cured by the punch hole mod, but as that pair of cans wasn't mine...

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Its been asked before but since this is recent, is there a place in the US I can get the distancers? Im actually really interested in converting my MS1s. I love them as they are but this mod sounds like its extremely fun.
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Hopefully this hasn't been posted already, but if it has I apologize for the redundancy. 




Off brand G cushes for less than half the price! I ordered a pair for my MS1000s and they are great! They fit wonderfully.

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So you can get distancers 3d printed from here. I did the CADing.  A pair in alumide will cost you $25 shipped. The specs are in-line with those on the first page. 




It's cheaper to do some DIY, but the novelty of this is kind of cool. I don't know if they'll work well for this mod yet, as the ones I ordered aren't going to come in for a while, but I'll give an update when they do.

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Huh, I wonder if doing some full cups through them would be possible. I don't see why not. I got no CAD experience, personally, so not something I can look into with concerns of price and such. I'm still waiting for 3D printers to reach consumer-level and get a little more refined, but I think they're going to be A LOT of fun for those of us into modding.

Actually, I'd love to see what kind of costs cups would incur, even if they're made of plastic. One coud still have some really unique designs in plastic and I imagine you could design it thicker than the original Grado plastic to help with resonance.
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Based on what I've seen on the site, I don't think it would be much more than $20-25 per cup, even if you got fancy with it, as long as you keep the material usage reasonable. However it seems that all of their plastics are non-rigid. Alumide seems to be the closest thing they have to a rigid plastic.. it's a polymer infused with a aluminum dust apparently.  Not too sure about the acoustic properties of it though. I might try CADing out a cup analogue at some point to see some actual costs.

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To those who give that a trial: Don't forget to add 3x 1,5mm holes and inner felt damping, both is critical to avoid honky mids.

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Quick question, what would you recommend for use as glue? I decided I didn't want to wait 2 weeks for some nice 3d printed ones and fashioned a couple out of some pvc pipe. Just waiting for the pads to come in.
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Originally Posted by chanman View Post

Quick question, what would you recommend for use as glue? I decided I didn't want to wait 2 weeks for some nice 3d printed ones and fashioned a couple out of some pvc pipe. Just waiting for the pads to come in.

I used gorilla glue with PVC and it worked nicely
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