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is the l crush good enough

the cost of the g crush is very high

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Originally Posted by Mapringg View Post

erm could someone provide me a distancer

i can get the g1000 pad from my local store


ApatN or me. That includes some exchange rate problems, if you are from the US (you sound like that).



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sry but i'm not from the us

i am from thailand.......lol

is the L crush good enough

going to buy the hifi 101 amp tmr

the L crush is around $27.5 (after converting the currency)

the G crush around $60

is it worth it

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Sorry, no experience with non-Grado pads. Amping is neglectable IMO...

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Originally Posted by nickchen View Post

Sorry, no experience with non-Grado pads. Amping is neglectable IMO...

I think you mean amping is negligible.  I've never heard anyone use the word neglectable, although after searching onine it does appear to be a real word.

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ms1k is much harder to drive compared to stock ms1 due to the drivers being futher away from your ears. Nothing has changed internally, but you simply need more volume. If your iPod doesn't go very loud maybe a E5 would help.

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My iPod has no trouble powering the MS1000. It is true that you will have to crank up the volume, but not by a huge amount.

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Oh ok thanks, never owned an iPod. I actually listen to them through a E7/9 combo loudly ha! They are speakers in my room pretty much, I sometimes wonder would outside here my music LOUDER than how I listen to it through the ms1k

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Hehe, yes because of the open design they leak A LOT of sound. ;-) For what it's worth, if you do a search for the Grado tour (it is somewhere here) you will find that Grado actually experimented with their drivers by using them in speakers.

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has anyone made distancers with pvc pipe? or is anyone here or elsewhere selling them? i would like to complete this mod in the near future but i am having a hard time locating this information. im currently reading through these 152 pages!

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yeh someone did it with pvc pipes I'm pretty sure.

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lol, my attempt was dubbed the "apocalyptic distancers"


others have succeeded doing something similar

imo you can't go wrong with this technique; cheap, easy and can be done with common tools and materials (toilet roll anyoneevil_smiley.gif?)... and you can butcher as many as you like before you make ones that look pretty!

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Is everyone still enjoying their ms1000 now, after such a long period since this was the FOTM?

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Listened to them just yesterday and yes I still enjoy them. Many have moved on though but I liked them enough to keep them in my system for years. They are not my main phones but they do the job in certain situations.

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I weirdly feel like they are missing something in the maybe mid/lows? I could not identify, but this was from comparing with the HD580. Wondering would anyone have the same findings, or any ways/mods to improve them by that bit. It certainly made the sound so very airy, but it just feels like something is missing and I don't like that feeling when I try to enjoy my music,

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