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I can, why?? well I exspect good sound, and that is why I am willing to spend quite a bit of money of a couple of phones.

Then again I started this thread cause I wanted to get my buddy a pair of phones. Anyhow I already went and purchaised him some SONY MDR-888lp ear buds.
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I can, why??
I really think you should give the Koss PortaPro (sporta/ksc-35) another chance... How long did you listen to them for to come to that conclusion?? I agree with everybody here that they're a GREAT pair of headphones for the price..
And they'll give ya PLENTY of bass.
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Well, I have the $260 Beyerdynamic DT-831's, and I have the $20 Koss KSC-50's, and, let me tell you, the KSC-50's hold their own DAMN well against the 831's. They don't have the impact at high volumes, they don't have quite as big soundstage or seperation, they don't have quite as big feeling of the sound being in EVERY part inside your head, and the the mids aren't quite as sweet, and they don't have QUITE as much detail, but, they still hold their own damn well....There is NOTHING in those phones that "sucks ass". I could find now problems with the lows, which go EXTREMELY low, and are balanced and clear, the mids, which are detailed and clear, and the highs, which go extremely high, and are clear as well. However, at high volumes, they don't have the impact the DT-831's have at high volume.

But, just puting the KSC-50's on, and then the DT-831's on, there isn't that much of a difference, except with the way the DT-831's fill your entire head with sound, which you can tell immediately.

And seeing as how the KSC-50's are much like the Sportapros, uh, I don't see why you say the Sportapros suck....

And, Also, I think I can GUARANTEE you that the Beyedynamic DT-831's don't suck. THe only thing that can really beat em that you've heard are the Etymotic ER4S's, and you *need* to have those amplified WELL, AND you *need* to have a *GREAT* fit (which takes practice to get right, and you only listened to them once, correct?) to make em sound better than the DT-831's.
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Beyerdynamic DT-831's
Tell me about these phones or this brand of headphones, I've never heard of them untill I came here. ARe they good for dance/techno??? what are your thoughts

Also I never said that the KOSS suck for there price, but they are cheap headphones, you must admit that, I'm tired of listening to cheap phones I like phones that sound phenomenal.
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They are, IF, and ONLY IF, you set them to volumes that are uncomfortable. They are flat, and you need slightly exaggerated bass, or else, the mids and highs will be too loud. They are too loud with the DT-831's when I set the volume loud enough to give the whump whump. Plus, they need an amp.
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just get the 325's...
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Alright Paradigm, now it's time for you to take and upload a picture of you proudly wearing those Grado headphones in the middle of town or university.. we all look forward to seeing it!

Shoot, I'd wear these damn SR-80s out to formal dinners if my wife wouldn't leave me for doing it. But it mathces my tux so well, honey! After all, they are called the Prestige Series.
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>Also I never said that the KOSS suck for there price

LOL, no, you just said they suck period, which is even more damning. Quote:

>I have listen to them, they suck ass, there cheap
>headphones nothing more.

So you did say they suck, and that they are nothing but cheap headphones.

>but they are cheap headphones, you must admit that. I'm tired of
>listening to cheap phones I like phones that sound phenomenal.

No, they are not "cheap" -- they are *inexpensive.* In fact, they are phenomenal for their price, and are better than most other cans under $100, with a few exceptions (Grado's, Sony V6, etc.).
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if you like phones that sound phenomenal, how could you dislike the etymotic er4s? were you lying to us or something? I'm telling you dude, you might not think you are, but you're a dum-bass. I hate to sound so mean, but we're just wasting our time here! Please, please listen to us and buy a pair of Grado 325's.

We've most definitely gone off the original subject, so I'm locking this thread. if someone thinks it should remain open, please PM me.
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