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I've handled one, and the build quality is great. And you get a lot of nice DSLR like controls. However, the display is very low resolution when you're used to DSLR. Also, it's still a small sensor, and I think it's way too expensive for a point&shoot when you look at image quality. You pay a lot for the styling, build and the options, while you can get the same photos with a camera half as expensive.

Read Canon PowerShot G9 Review: 20. Conclusion: Digital Photography Review and see if the pros and cons weigh up for you. For me, with the noise even at moderate ISO and the fringing, it's no better than much cheaper cameras.
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Leica M8.
Leica MP (Film).
wait.... for something like sigma DP1, but without its flaws
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For a less than $300 camera, I'd suggest a Panasonic DCM-FZ8. I bought one and highly recommend. It costs about $250, uses SD cards, has Leica lens with 12X optical zoom. It's very versalite regarding manual settings, although there still are those basic automatic modes ...
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Originally Posted by rockin_amigo14 View Post
how does everyone feel about the canon g9?
Good call. I like it a lot. Almost bought one (may still get one as a carry around) but went to a canon 40D.

Canon put RAW capabilities back into the Gx line and it needed it.
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Liked the G9 quite a bit (I'm a 400D/XTi user btw)
Solid build quality, easy to access controls (an ISO dial for instance that I actually missed on my XTi) and great image quality with decent zoom range. IQ wise I believe the Sigma might just be ahead (as would anything with that big a sensor) but the convenience of the zoom range of the G9 is something that I won't trade for
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leica m8. for P&S cameras, I have no idea. I don't know why, but the pictures from the m8 are something else. I don't know if it's the bokeh, the color pallette, or something else, but it's always pleasing.
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Originally Posted by mistat0m View Post
leica m8.
I have an M3, M6TTl, a 24mm, 35mm, 50mm and 90mm.
Love the gear! Whenever I use a digital PS with all their automatic settings and slow autofocus as well as delayed shutter I could throw it away!
Thought I wait for the M9, but looks like the M8 is already good stuff? Just too expensive.
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i think that Nikon cameras is the best brand even it better than Canon, i highly recommend to see the Nikon D5200 camera, it really awesome and i buy it and don't see any problems from it.

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