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chzplz bought my Darths in an extremely SMOOTH transaction. Great communication and instant payment make it a pleasure to kick off this feedback thread. Thanks!
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Chzplz bouth a LISAIII from me, smooth transaction and thep ayment was received quick...thanks and enjoy...
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chzplz bought my ALO Jumbo Cotton Dock, and payment came faster than the highs on a well burnt in headphone amp! this transaction was as smooth as the mids coming out of Skokie Illinois! Do not hesitate to deal with this upstanding headfier! Thank you and enjoy the cable!
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chzplz bought my Corda Opera Amp, great communication, immediate payment.

great head-fier !
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Ira bought 3 pairs of AKGs from me.
very smooth transaction, and he is a A+++ head-fi'er.
Ira has my highest recommendation.
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Ira bought a custom Cardas cable from me.
Very smooth transaction and excellent communication.
I Hope to do business again with Ira!
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Ira bought 3 power cables from me. Payment was quick! Would be happy to deal with again. Thanks!
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I sold a DX1000 to him. He payed right away and everything in this transaction went perfectly well.
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Ira bought my Yuin PK1s. He replied to messages quickly and paid promptly. It's been a while since I last sold anything on Head-Fi, but I'm glad to know that it continues to have great members!
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Dealing with Ira was a pleasure. He bought an Elpac power supply from me. And when shipment was delayed on my end, he remained pleasant and communicative the whole time. Highly recommended.
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I sold my SP Extreme to Ira. Everything was great during our transaction, fast payment and good communication. Thanks a lot Ira!
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Sold Ira a pair of ED9 & he was fantastic to deal with. Very friendly & polite through out the whole transaction.

Great buyer & a credit to Head-Fi.
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Sold Ira an amp. Fast payment, knew what he wanted. Easy transaction, great head-fier to deal with. Thanks!
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chzplz (Ira) bought a SinglePower Harmony XLR amp from me. Payment and communication went all very pleasant, and though shipment from Germany to Philadelphia over Christmas wasn't exactly overnight he remained very friendly and made this a pleasure for me.

And: What I appreciate most is that Ira not only managed to find out and isolate a technical problem (coming from different voltages used) but now is trying hard to get the absolute best out of this marvelous piece of art - well I couldn't have wished for a better home for the harmony and I have been / still are more than happy to assist whenever a question or a need for support might come up!

Have great listening pleasure Ira - and my highest recommendations for everyone wanting to do business with this fine gentleman. Many thanks!
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Bought an amp from Ira. Quick shipping. Item arrive exactly as descibed. Enjoyed talking to Ira and enjoyed his sense of humor. I would definitely buy from Ira again.

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