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Day to go?

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I ask because I can only take ONE day for this, and I'm supposed to be meeting some vendors down there. The new room is opening within the next two weeks, and this is a critical weekend. I was going to make a Saturday and Sunday of it (not worrying what day it was on) and goto the beach etc, but alas, I can't and can only go one day. So which day is it the "main event" happens? I'm bummed I can't make both days, I was stoked to put a face to some of the names here. Now it's going to seem like a rush to talk to a bunch of people, rather than a casual meeting of everybody.
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well the concert is on saturday so that would be my guess. but if you cant make it to the concert then i dont think there would be a difference between sat and sun.
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Yeah, I probably can't make the concert or anything, just the event itself, and putting a name to some of the faces and getting to know some of the people a bit better, ya know?

I wasn't really concerned on which day most of the meet itself in the rooms is taking place as I was originally going for the weekend, but can now only go on ONE day....way to go work, lol.
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You should definitely go monday.
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Monday it is!
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i am selling VIP passes to the Monday night lounge meet happening in Rays room. only have a few spots left though.

pay pal me $25.00 deposit and use the code words "The Spray Booth" in the description please..


EDIT: don't tell Ray, it's like a surpise birthday party without having anything to do with his birthday if you catch my drift...
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monday sounds like a great idea
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I ask because I can only take ONE day for this, and I'm supposed to be meeting some vendors down there.
Looking to score some gear "loaner" samples,
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Not really....I was asked to show by some of the vendors to get to know on a face to face basis. If I get some gear for showing, that's a bonus, but I'm not expecting anything. I'm there to extend my gratitude for what I've been given and listened to and to put a face with the exchanged eMails and PMs. Nothing more, nothing less.

And like said initially had planned for the weekend and staying at a buddies house in the area so it didn't matter. But now that I'm limited to only one day, I have to plan accordingly. You figure the hours of driving down there from Jacksonville, coupled with the hours of driving back at a decent time so I can work the next day, it doesn't make for a very long meet day...
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Urban Dictionary: OICDN

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Urban Dictionary: OICDN

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