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I HATE MY SISTER!!!! her freaking prom is tomo. ergo no ride =/ guess ill just see you guys on saturday.
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I would, but I've got a close friend who is a huge comic nook nerd... and he is waiting for me to get back from the meet to see it. So out of respect for him, I have do decline. I think that they made an excellent choice in Robert Downey Jr. Should be an excellent flick.
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Originally Posted by That dude View Post
I watched the film yesterday. BEST MOVIE I'VE WATCHED ALL YEAR. Love the characters, the story and the cool graphics. As for the headphone, I wasn't keen eyed enough to spot it (since I wasn't looking for it). Those who have second thoughts about watching the movie, just go watch it, the only complain I have is that the movie wasn't long enough to include a much bigger/longer ending fight scene.

I also watched it yesterday, and I agree with everything you said. Including the fact that it's the best movie I've watched for the past year (it's also the only movie I watched in the past year, so this probably doesn't mean much ).
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bah i might have to run out at dinner time for a bit...i might be able to do a late movie though. I will have to see how it goes.
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Great idea Eric! Can I get a taste of the MX W1 at the hotel tomorrow? See you there in any event.
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ok so we're going to the iron man showing at 2:50 at the sunrise las olas (linked in one of my responses), meeting at embassy suites at 2:15 in the lobby.

come on down!
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...and sorry the MX W1 is not charged yet, so I won't be bringing it, but hopefully we'll have some time later tonight for a sneak preview
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OK if anyone cares, Iron Man was AWESOME!! ...easily one of the top 5 superhero movies ever...great action scenes and near seamless special FX
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bahim sorry i missed it eric...i couldnt leave mike in his time of need...remember next time to wait till the screen is black like 10seconds and there is a little 40 second clip to watch..

BTW...table looks and sounds awesome.

At my cousins now, actually its a awesome party...however i wish i had a fake ID that says im 18 hahaha
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