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USB turn table recommendatons.

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Like to get an inexpensive USB turntable.

Any suggestion's ???

Thanks !!!!
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Inexpensive is a different thing to everybody, but the only one really worth buying is the Project Debut USB which is $450 US. There is a Technics one for sale at Costco for 150 which looks much, much better than the $99 one people were talking about recently (I don't remeber the name of that one as it looked so bad I didn't want to remember it). However, the difference between the Technics and the Project will be dramatic and well worth the extra money, assuming you have the extra $300 that is. If not, I'm sure, based on nothing but looking at photos of them both, the Technics must be the better bet of the 2 very cheap options.
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Thanks for the reply gyrodec...Pretty smoking deal on the Audio-Technics USB from Costco.

Costco - $99.99 After $30 OFF Audio Technica LP-to-Digital Recording System w/ USB Turntable

I was hoping to keep it around 150 dollars...There is this Numark for about 170.00 dollars...Dont know if it is worth after tax's probably 85.00 dollars more...What do you think ???

Numark TTUSB Belt-Drive Turntable with USB Audio Interface and more Turntables at GuitarCenter.com.

Thanks again for the reply...99 bucks out the door seems like it is going to be hard to beat.
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Would you consider a vintage turntable? You can buy a variety from Craigslist, eBay and local junk/thrift shops. Those are generally much better than a new $100 deck. Most will need a little upkeep at first, but you'll be paid off with excellent sound quality. I think it's worth some extra effort to get better sound.
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Project USB Phono

This will enable you to plug in any turntable and record. I can't say how much because I'm all the way down in Godzone, but should be versatile enough...
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Just looked at Numark link you sent, and can't form much of an opinion. I'm not sure it would be much better than the Technics as the extra money seems to have gone for DJ type features, i.e. more rugged construction (but not in a way that would make it sound better) and 10% spped adjust, etc.

Uncle Eriks comments about getting a vinatge deck in just recording it via your sound card is a very good idea. It will almost certainly give better results than the Technics or Numark.
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Thanks for the reply's...Been Googling around and came up with this...Wadda ya think ???

LP To CD & MP3s - Vinyl To CD Perfection Turntable & Interface Mixer

Little over my desired budget...This is what the deal is...I have a friend who is about to pay 12 bucks a LP to convert them to CD's...About 300.

Lets do the math okay 300x12=3600 bucks...Only problem is I will not know if I really want to sit there and do all this business...Hate to pay 450 for the way bad ass looking Pro-Ject Debut III if I am not going to at least get my money back out of it.

The Debut is sexy looking...Gotta give it that...But if the Newark versus the DAC thingy looks like a better deal for not much more money I would go that way.

The Debut is out for the moment.

So the players right now are the Audio-Technica, Newark and the Dac system.

Opinion's please.

And thanks again for taking the time to help me out.
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The interface with the software looks like a reasonable deal for $70, but you can do better for $170 with a deck from audiogon or ebay. If I were you, I'd think, $12 per LP, I only have to do 40 to get a free Project table. If you also have the time to do the rest and take the $3600 home, all the better. I recon you could force yourself through 40 to get the Project. Thay have a great resale value if you fall short.
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Sounds like the smart thing to do is just buy the 99.00 dollar Audio-Technics from Costco and start burning the albums.

If I can deal with it then go ahead any buy the Pro-Ject Debut III.

Sounds like a plan to me...The DAC one is 240 by the time it gets to me and to me that is just too close to the 450 not to just go ahead and buy the Pro-Ject Debut III.

I hate buyers remorse...Cant cry too much over 100 bucks.

Thanks again.
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Most usb turn tables are not that good. Why not get thhe NAD PP-4 USB PHONO PREAMP. And shop for the best value on a turn table. The NAD has much better programs for vinyl to usb than most cheap combos.
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