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Oh, and do any of you know of any good sites that have the K701 shipped to uk? over here its around £185 shipped, so around $370, yet i see people getting them for $200/250 ish. so, was wondering if there was any option for me.
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I bougth em second-handed from the FS forum. Thomann.de was cheap I think, not sure.
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Originally Posted by vvanrij View Post
I bougth em second-handed from the FS forum. Thomann.de was cheap I think, not sure.
nop, same price as elsewhere. well, ill be on the look out, but i would like them new.
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just ordered them from amazon, cant wait until they come. almost 1000 posts, and this is my first purchase, i (read: my parents) am resilient. oh god, as soon as i get to college, i will have to constraint myself.
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I like my K701 much better after the acquisition of a dynahi.
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Mine is getting some good lovin'
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what you going to use to amp them gautam?
Got mine for 160 from eBay and seller was in uk so got in space of few days
Just chanced my arm on a best price auction LOL
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Sorry, not much to say here

I had the K701's for a few months before giving it away to a friend for birthday present. I probably had about 30-40hr of head time on it, but I just couldn't justify keeping it because I bought the SA5000. I intended it for gaming; speed/detail/comfort was paramount. The sony's did that better for my taste.
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currently there is not way i can get an amp. they will be direct from my computer's headphone jack. hopefully, in a few months (years?!) i will get an amp+dac. i am looking at some meier audio ones, and also the Dared mp5. that seems quite nice. any idea if that is a good choice?
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Just picked up a pair and they are definitely keepers. This is after trying the MS1, HD600, and AD700. For some reason they look bigger in person than in pictures.
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Anyone that tried the k701s with keces 131 dac + heed canamp? I'm thinking of upgrading my setup, but I don't hear anything about the canamp anymore, so maybe there's better alternatives out there today, that synergies better with AKG k701?

What setup do you guys use?
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Is Amazon the best place to get these right now (in the US)?
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Place to get 'em...

I know that the B&H video stores (e.g. the NY superstore) may be the best: $329. And free shipping, methinks. :-)
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About that Left Cup cut-out.....

I noticed quite a bit of complaints about the left channel cutting out in the 701 model. I was wondering if anybody new if this could be facilitated by the "stand" that comes with the headphones? I am worried about putting the weight of the headphones down on the wire and possibly impacting the internal contact. Any thoughts?
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With the stand, if placed correctly, the pressure is not on the wire, but on the down-sides of the cups, furthermore, the cable connection should really be able to overcome the force of the weight of the headphone itself
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