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Originally posted by Xander

What gives
AKG K401?

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LOL! Braver.....you are one "bad boy"
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heheh, that was an easy pick

let's see how he reacts
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Oh C'MON. I'm not that easy! Sheesh!

Anyway, I experienced sibilance with the following:

AKG K401
Grado SR80
Sennheiser HD570
Sennheiser HD580
Every speaker in the house but not as bad (the speakers are not as revealing, ofcourse).

Uhm.. And, akg owns you. Now go take your muddy Sennheisers and sit down.
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whoa! I also like Nirvana's Unplugged in NY .. but man, that was a long time ago...around 1994 maybe?

"The man who sold the world" was a long time favorite of mine. I'll buy the CD one of these days...
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ok, I'll be honest, I've experienced sibilance with my hd565 as well (plugged into a minisystem), it's most likely the source (as my mdp is pretty much sibilance free unless the recording is sibilant)
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Thats what I thought... I think I'm gonna check out that Denon player.
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Still no sibilance here. Te-he. I dunno, you buy your copy in the bargain basement of Sam Goody's - where the mafia printed bootlegs end up? No matter if I've played it on my home system, portable or in a car - no sibilance. Somebody spike your drink?
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O_O <- big eyes FYI

Uh, yeah.. So... I'm... Uhm... FSCKING. My CD is sibilant on EVERYTHING, and it's official. The real-deal. The smob-kanob, no fake take. How could this be?

Maybe we've got our sibilence definitions mixed up? Something aint right here.
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What headphones would nirvana sound best on?
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