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I heard the Pro in a shop years ago and was very impressed so I have finally bought one and am now a very happy Earmax owner as well! It sounds great but I haven´t really figured out where to use it yet, I didn´t really need a new headphone amp but this was one I really wanted. I have taken note of all the tube rolling suggestions for further tweaking but it feels like my headphone quest is finally over - for this week at least. :)

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Enjoy your new toy smily_headphones1.gif
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Originally Posted by RedBull View Post

Enjoy your new toy smily_headphones1.gif

Thank you!

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I hear EarMax standard loooong time ago with HD650, I was :eek: ..............

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I've just bought a pro from a head-fier. Haven't received the amp yet, I'm very looking forward to listen it! 

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Anyone using Earmax (any model, but probably the Silver) with a recent model of IEMs / CIEMs?


Can't really understand why more power is needed to drive more sensitive heaphones (the less headphone impedance = more current required just doesn't compute for me).


Anyway, if you do, what position do you have the volume knob set to for normal listening?

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earmax se is one of my favourite headphone amp I have used because of it's appearance and size.  The reason why I sell it is that it is not good at dealing with high impedances such as my HD800, but it is fairly good for low impedance ones :) 


I think more users use high impedance headphones in head-fi, and that's why.

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