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well...the first 5 minutes of listening and I can already say that this amp sound great IMO. the sound is noticeably warmer than the EF1 or my headroom amp, and this is with the stock tubes..with the a mullard in the center it will be even more lush and warm.
I didn't expect this, but the sound is not only warmer,but also there is more punch in the bass comparing to my other amps (with the HD650).

i think that the headroom ultra micro dac is a great match with the earmax...giving it the details and the openess that it needs - balancing it a little.
I am very excited because I am looking for this sound for a very long time, and I think I found what I was looking for.

dire strait's brothers in arms didn't sound this good for a long time
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i never heard of anyone using a 12au7 in the center hole ... sometimes you must proceed with caution when swapping out diff tubes
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Originally Posted by bergman2 View Post
i never heard of anyone using a 12au7 in the center hole ... sometimes you must proceed with caution when swapping out diff tubes
I am sorry...I meant 12at7. I edited it in my post.

how much warm up time should I give the amp before start using it? is 45 minutes-1 hour enough?
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a-ha ... i give it about 1/2 hour of pink noise before i'm ready to listen, and by then its nice and toasty
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thanks. I can't wait my mullard and sylvania tubes to arrive, the amp sound really nice and tubey with the stock tubes, but I am still wanting some more warmth (bass) and tubiness.

I didn't find much threads dealing with tube rolling for the earmax variants, can you recommend a really bassy , bass monster tube combination for the earmax pro?... I mean, some really crazy bass slam and extention (if there is such a thing)
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The 12AU7 is fine as a driver tube. Others have used it and liked the sound, including me. 12AU7 is fine, just will give less gain.
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Originally Posted by nurxhunter View Post
The 12AU7 is fine as a driver tube. Others have used it and liked the sound, including me. 12AU7 is fine, just will give less gain.
I have a few really good 12AU7's, but the problem is that I don't have two of the same kind..I am using (used ) with the EF1.

the earmax sound really good with the stock tubes, I don't know why there is so little talk about it...for me it was really revalation. it gives me exactly what I need, more bass and weight, and lush mids I don't get from my two other amps.
I also can't believe that skylab didn't get his hands on it yet.

anyway..the mullard 12AT7 is on it's way and two 6DJ8's sylvanias, hope it will be even better from the stock tubes in terms of more bass and punch. I can't compare the stock tubes to other tubes because this is the only set I have for the earmax yet, but if they are considered to the bright side (two siemens 6dj8's in there) ...than this thing is really a bass monster.
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You need only a single--it's a substitute, if you like the sound, for the 12AT7--not the 6DJ8.
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I have a lot of very nice 12AU7's, but I am afraid to try them in the EMP instead of the 12AT7. is it safe?
I don't know anything about electronics, but I do read somewhere that the 12AU7 have less gain than the 12AT7. what does that mean? less volume?

the last thing I want is to ruin my all new earmax pro...
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I am so bummed...my mullard 12at7 and the two 6dj8 sylvanias are stuck in the customs and will be released in about two more days.
anyway, the stock tubes are also not bad, the sound is very warm and lush comparing to my other amps. so I enjoy them in the meantime.

should I expect warmer and lusher sound with the new tubes? just want to increase my already great anticipation.
if the new ones have more bass than it will be a bass monster.
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I just got my 12AT7 mullard and 6DJ8's sylvania tubes.
I am listening to them right now with my EMP ,and I can't say for sure if the sound is warmer in terms of bass, but it is definitely not less than the stock tubes that's for sure.
the highs has less "spikes" than the stock rubes and are more pleasent to
listen to.

anyway,I would still like to get some more 12AT7/6DJ8 combo's for super warm sound with a HUGE bass.
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This thread has been idle for more than half a year.


Still loving my EMP. I have found that the Valvo ECC81 coin base is the only input tube that I really like for rock. Still deciding which ouputs matches it best (since I don't have the Telefunken CCA). Rediscovering the Telefunken PCC88s and also my EMP-stock Tungsram ECC88.

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Could someone confirm which tubes are the default on the EMP?

I think mine are Teonex ECC88, but I'm not entirely sure the Earmax I've got is the standard or the Pro version.

I got a used Earmax and it came with a set of Mullard ECC86 (usually on the standard version) and a set of these Teonex ECC88: maybe the previous owner simply used the wrong tubes? If these Teonex are actually the stock tubes then the Earmax is probably the Pro version.


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Ouch, you really need to know which you have. Both use the ECC81 (aka 12AT7) as the centre input tube. However, the Earmax uses the ECC86 and the Pro the ECC88 (aka 6922) as outputs. These are not interchangeable!

Edited by cooperpwc - 8/20/10 at 2:32am
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Thanks cooperpwc.

I've tried the sets and the amps sounds good with both of them, though the Mullard (ecc86) are clearly warmer and smoother.

I don't get any issues with the ecc88, though I'm scared of using them. They're clearly brighter (in terms of light), and they sound obviously louder.

If those ecc88 were the stock tubes it means it's the PRO version. I sent an email to the seller...

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