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another question I have is: what tubes comes with the tube kit that offered by tube amp doctor for the pro and silver editions?
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crappy ones ... mine weren't even labeled ... plan on rolling if and when you pick one up ... its more fun that way and you can custom tailor the sound in umpteen ways to suit your set up/tastes
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Originally Posted by plonter View Post
I was also considering the earmax silver,but I am afraid that I lose all the lushness and warm sound,having read comments about its more neutral presentation.
I had the EMP for a short time but couldn't get over the hum. Not everyone seems to be affected though, and furthermore it may not bother you, so YMMV. I now have the silver and couldn't happier; while the EMP was definitely lusher with stock tubes, I don't think the silver is that different, and tube rolling will help; I'm running an all-Mullard set at the moment and I don't feel any warmth lacking with my RS1i's!
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thanks, I havn't even bought the amp yet and I am already searchin' for tubes
I think that I will start with a mullard just to take it to the extreme tube sound, and continue from there.

can I use different brands of tube in the 6DJ8? let's say, one mullard and the other sylvania for example? should they be evenly mached? never used an amp with more than one tube before..
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keep the pair of 6dj8/6922's matched (definitely in brand and as closely as possible in readings) ... the 12at7/7025/5751 in the center hole is of course a single ... i know some people like the mullards in the emp but given the amps natural syrupyness the combo can be a bit mushy and overdone -- to each his own
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If i understand correctly the 12AT7 tube is the gain tube and the two 6DJ8 are the drive/power tubes..? one for each channel?
what tube give the most impact on the sound? the 12AT7 in the middle or the two 6DJ8?
by the way...I will probably won't do it, but do you think that I can replace the 12AT7 tube with a 12AU7? i got some very good 12AU7's lying around.
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as far as most impact on the sound ... it all depends ... there are an infinite number of combinations of tubes to mold the sound any way you wish ... I don't know about a 12au7 but mine was quite happy running a 12ax7
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I thought that as a start I would get one 12AT7 mullard and two sylvania's 6DJ8.
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that's a good combo ... if you look throught the rest of this thread there are alot of other suggestions ... good luck
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I want to ask a question about the earmax pro.
as I understood, the earmax sounds extremely tubey (which is what I am after right now), and that means: warm, lush and creamy mids (the opposite from aggresive) and all that.
but does it actually INJECT more bass to the sound comparing to a SS amp?
One of my problems with the HD650 is that I found them lacking in bass with my headroom gear, and also the mids are too aggresive and upfront, and i want to correct this issues, probably with the help of the earmax.

can the earmax give me what I need?
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yes ... i found great synergy bw the emp + 650 particularly in the areas you described
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Originally Posted by bergman2 View Post
yes ... i found great synergy bw the emp + 650 particularly in the areas you described
thanks bergman. what is the other amp in your sig? is it another tube amp?
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the g&w is a hybrid hp/pre amp (it takes 2 6922's) ... a nice unit if u can get one used
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I didn't see it mentioned anywhere,but is the earmax pro a class A amp?
I couldn't get any detail on the internal parts. are they consider "high grade" audiophile parts?
I mean...with this price I would certainly expect them to be.
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dunno ... it sounds damn good whatever it is though ... the high price is no doubt a product of vat, unions, import, and other associated euro costs ... but you do have the assurance of quality kraut construction
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