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Originally Posted by sgprater View Post
Wow, edisonwu, does all that dust help give it that trademark lush sound?

What tubes are those? it looks like the output tubes are the Siemens CCa in your signature, and the driver tube is the 1959 Genalex Gold lion? How do they differ from the Telefunkens?
Hi, Scott,

The one in the middle is a 1960 Genalex Gold Lion B739 with D getter and Mullard date codes. In my limited experience it's one the very best Mullard ECC81 ever. The pair in side is Philips 1956 CCa Pinched Waist (Branded Valvo) which is the world's first E88CC to my knowledge. Siemens CCa slanted D getter (Branded Valvo) has shorter body, and the glass of the tube has not been pinched at about the point of the upper mica. Here is a close look of the Siemens CCa.
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Originally Posted by vvs_75 View Post
I sold my Earmax pro few years back when I build Morgan Jones feedback version. It killed my earmax even without burn in. The Morgan Jones could be build at the time for less than for $300. It's not small as Earmax Pro since it's DIY but if you care only about sound its way to go.
In fact I am rebuilding/upgrading my MJ third time! I think this is one of the best bang for the buck tube amp.
that sounds interesting, so is earmax actually an Morgan Jones?
how about this one
HeadWize - Project: The 6N1P OTL Headphone Amplifier by Bruce Bender
looks like it use different tube
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I am still a happy owner of a Earmax Silver Edition. Over the past two years, amps come and go, but the Earmax SE is still a keeper. No intention to change in the foreseeable future.

Granted, I am using it less. The Woo Audio 5 is getting more use time. But the Earmax is still a joy to listen to.

F. Lo
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From CanJam 08

Earmax is present at CanJam 08 and here are some Earmax pictures from that event (photos by Asr):
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Which is the most upto date/top of the range earmax?? and how does it differ from the pro????
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If anyone was at the show that listened to these amps can you tell us what they are like and how they compare to the pro..
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The Silver edition is the latest model. It is similar to the Anniversary and has a larger power supply and considerably higher output. I quoted the specifications in an earlier thread that you could find by search function.

The usefulness of the higher output depends on the headphone. HD6x0 and Grado works well with the Pro model but it clips with high current demanding headphones like K701. But the K701 works well with the Silver edition and has very good synergy. Except making current demanding headphones an option, the Silver model also sounds a little better with other headphones because it has more headroom, is more silent and has better control. That also makes it a little more neutral sounding than the Pro.

The sound quality of both the Pro and Silver are improved by tube dampers (for example inexpensive ones from Herbies Audiolab).
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Any earmax user can advise on the interconnects to use on the amp?
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Originally Posted by hellopanda View Post
Any earmax user can advise on the interconnects to use on the amp?
I don't think there are any cables that have a special synergy with Earmax, just think a cable that is good for tubes. Earmax adds no edges and sharpness so a cable that smooths out can make it sound dull, as well as a dull source makes can make it sound boring. Silver cables can be a good choice but it also depends on system synergy and taste so there is no simple answer.
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Originally Posted by hellopanda View Post
Any earmax user can advise on the interconnects to use on the amp?
They have to be F L E X I B L E
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Originally Posted by Kees View Post
They have to be F L E X I B L E
FLEXIBLE..... noted! Wouldn't want the stiffness of the cables to twist my Earmax to fall from my table.
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I just received a (new to me) Earmax AE. Came with a compliment of Electro-Harmonix 6922 and Electro-Harmonix 12AT7 tubes. Still relatively new to tubes, but given my success with Almarro+K1000, I wanted to expand further. Just a couple of hours so far, but I really like what I hear with my L3000, HD650, but the biggest surprise...

Earmax AE + RS-1 (reversed bowls, need to get legitimate flats!) This is the combo that so far that gets my jaded ears juiced again.

I'm sure there are better tube amps, but for now I'm mesmerized by the Earmax AE, besides the sonics, the small footprint is quite impressive. Running currently 840C --> Kimber Silver Streak --> EM-AE --> RS-1/L3000/HD650.
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OK picture to show off...(but shows how small the EM AE really is - smaller than my LIIIXP)
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What a great collection you have ! Welcome to the Earmax club :-)

And make sure you try out some vintage tubes - that will reveal the true beauty of your Earmax AE !

F. Lo
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I really need to get one myself (again)!
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