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Where is the Earmax?

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When I joined head-fi there were only a few people using the Earmax or Earmax Pro, but it seems they completly vanished. Quite sad, because I enjoyed my Earmax a lot and just sold it because I always wanted and still want to get an Earmax Pro.

Are there still Earmax (Pro) users out there? If so, I wouldnt mind posting you a pic of your setup as I am really missing my Earmax!
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I'm shocked that there are no replies to your post.

The Earmax Pro is something that I've been considering. Who has one? How does it sound?

I think Elusive Disc sells them in the U.S. ................
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The Earmax Pro is the best thing that happened to my HD650 and my PS-1 so far.
Quick (crappy) pic:

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With a high impedance phone, I can't think of a more lush tube sound. About 4 yrs. back I enjoyed the Earmax Sound. Strange that it isn't sought more often, or showed more affection in these pages. Not the "flavor of the month" I suppose.
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I was just looking for a small tube amp. It sucks that it has 500+ price tag...
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I think the problem is the price....attributed to the severely weakened US$ against the Euro I think.....similar to a lot of other high-end audio gear from Europe, whose sales I believe have been hit in recent months - with US/far-east gear bought in lieu of it.
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I was seriously looking into the Earmax Pro because of it's small foot-print, but after finding out how the cables go in from the left and right, that killed it for me as I only have room for a front/back hookup! Too bad....I went with the Woo6 instead! Huck
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Originally Posted by Downer View Post
I was just looking for a small tube amp. It sucks that it has 500+ price tag...
I sold my Earmax pro few years back when I build Morgan Jones feedback version. It killed my earmax even without burn in. The Morgan Jones could be build at the time for less than for $300. It's not small as Earmax Pro since it's DIY but if you care only about sound its way to go.
In fact I am rebuilding/upgrading my MJ third time! I think this is one of the best bang for the buck tube amp.
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Here is the chance to ge one, not Pro, but still...

AudiogoN ForSale: Earmax Tube Headphone Amp
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There are a few of us still hanging around Head-Fi...I enjoy my E.P. quite a bit, although a couple of my other amps do give it a run for the money but there are few that have the lush, rich sound that the Earmax is noted for. With my HD650s and Sony F1, the sound is superb.
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I'm still enjoying my EARMAX Silver edition with my Ultrasone Ed9. Not intending to trade-in for anything else.
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I'm the very happy, monogamous owner of an Earmax Pro Silver Edition, also. I picked it up on the Headfi For-Sale forum last summer; it languished for quite a while on the forum before I worked up the nerve to get it. Shortly thereafter, I splurged on some great tubes (Telefunken 12AT7 from the 1960s, a pair of Amperex Orange Globes 7308s from the early seventies). After that, my lust for others amps evaporated. Check my profile for the headphones I use; the one I prefer the most is the AKG K701 (although I'm slowly beginning to really, really like the Grado RS-1s with the amp).

It's an amp that doesn't seem to get much press on the forums, but whenever it is mentioned, it's mentioned with very high praise , mostly by Those in the Know. That's part of the reason why I took the risk of buying it before hearing it. Call me superficial, but I also love its clean, funky look and small footprint.

I'm very close to pulling the trigger on a set of HD-600s, then getting a APureSound V3 cable for them. There are quite a few posts about the EMP + HD600 combo, but mostly from five, six years ago. Anyone care to post current impressions of that particular match-up?
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Still a very nice sounding amp to me, highly appreciated!

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Wow, edisonwu, does all that dust help give it that trademark lush sound?

What tubes are those? it looks like the output tubes are the Siemens CCa in your signature, and the driver tube is the 1959 Genalex Gold lion? How do they differ from the Telefunkens?
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I love my em pro, it has brought me years of pleasure, seriously considering building an improved mj design..

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