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Sony MDR-7506 and MDR-7509PRO - which one?

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Hi guys,

I am enjoying my Beyerdynamic DT250 a lot, a big pro is the very comfy design and it seems that the Sony's share at least that.

I am about to order either the 7506 or the 7509Pro but wanted to know if the 7509Pro is worth the extra 100$.

Other than that, how do they sound?
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7506 are not big enough to fit all the way over my ears, I've heard that the 7509 are WAYYY better.
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Anybody got the DT250 and the Sony 7506 and can comment on the size of the cans?
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DT250 pads are used as replacement pads for the Sony 7506, so their earcups should be similar in size. If you are considering the 7506, take a look at the cheaper sony mdr-v6 as well. They are the same in almost every way (7506 have gold plated connectors, but thats about it as far as differences go).
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I've had a chance to compare the 7509's against a pair of 7506's. The 7506's were brighter, so if you are one of those who find the 7506/v6 cans too bright you might want to go for the 7509's but in every other respect I found the 7506's to be just as good if not better. Once you replace the stock pads on the 7506/V6 with the velour pads from DT250, it is a further improvement and you really end up with an awesome set of cans.

See this thread for more info on swapping for DT250 pads: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f21/so...cs-lots-94836/
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Nice! Thanks!
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The 7506 is hyped in the high-mids and treble, while having no presence extension or soundstage. There is a gaping hole in the low-mids and mid-bass that make it impossible to know what's going on in this frequency band. The bass is also very pumpy and sounds like a cheap subwoofer.

The 7509 is discontinued and sounded really good, as it only lacked a bit of bass extension. It also had somewhat weird mids that made it difficult to make decisions based on how they sound. They are much more comfortable than the 7506.

The 7509-HD are the most ****ty heaphones I've ever used. There is no bass, no highs...only a piercing high-mid tone much reminescent of the Beyer Dynamic DT100. Not recommended at all.
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i've to buy pro headphones  upto $200

which one i've to buy? mdr 7509 or mdr7506 is better od senhiser hd250?

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