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Indikator is a newer member here. I sold him a pair of Senn 650's, he is a good guy.Was patient during shipping. (lives in Indonesia). Couldn't ask for more.

Thanks Indikator.
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good guy

sold me an equinox cable, had a slight problem with it (oxidation on the plug), but was willing to QUICKLY rectify it at my convenience.

Eager and willing to help me out anyway he could.

I can honestly say without reservations, a very good seller!

highly recommened
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I bought a Cordra HA-2 from Indikator. The item arrived as described in working order. Indikator is a great seller.
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I bought the Oritek 4.1 dac from stangedaze39.
Unfortunately, it looks like I have caused your dac to become faulty by powering-on the dac on a different voltage network . In the future, I might be able to fix the dac. The dac looks nice. I had good communication, let's hope we do business again in the near future. AAAA++++
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I bought a Stax SRM-1 MK 2 PP from him - 300 USD went several thousand kilometres.

I picked it today up from customs (perhaps speak with him about what to declare).

Unit is in a nice condition and was excellently packaged!

I'm very satisfied!
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Bought some Lambda Pro's from Indikator.

Good trade. Everything went smoothly. Fast shipping. Unit smelled like flowers.

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Sold a pair of Lambda Pro's to Indikator.

Good trade. Everything went smoothly. Fast payment.

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Sold indikator a pair of ck10. It was a quick an easy transaction and would gladly do business with him again.

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bought a pair of CK10 from him..


although there was a minor problem.. it was quickly ironed out.


generally a smooth transaction



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