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I bought these : DIN 3+PE MAL and DIN 3+PE FEM  . They are expensive but they look great and at least they won't be responsible of any failure the amp may have.

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Oh cool, this thread got bumped up. :)  Right now I own the Menace, so if you need any pictures let me know bidoux.  I think you'll like it a lot! biggrin.gif


Does anybody know things like the output impedance and output power of the amp?

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Thank you for your offer n3rdling, but n_maher already uploaded some pics of the amp so I hope it won't be necessary. smile.gif


Actually, I am not building a clone of The Menace, the power supply for instance is very different (solid state and DC heater), I am not using the same input tube (ECC88). The similarities between my project and n_maher's are  :



- relatively high output current (around 100mA I think)

- parallel 6080 (6AS7)


I have another question : in this picture (http://www.pbase.com/n_maher/image/96984139.jpg) how are the two caps attached to the chassis ? It seems that they are glued to it, but I'm not sure.

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Very cool :)  


Yes those are glued on.

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Originally Posted by n_maher View Post

It was always Pete and I's goal to publish the design for private use so I'm glad - now I'm just hoping there's someone else crazy enough to build it! Also, if there's someone really crazy I'll provide information about an alternate power supply configuration that uses damper diodes instead of the rectifier types shown here. This disadvantage to that PS is that it would require an additional filament supply but it has other advantages that are worth considering.

Hello everyone :-)


Pardon me for interupt in this "old" thread..


Thank you for all these nice information about this exciting amp - It was actually Mr. Pete Millett himself who gave me the link to this thread, after I had made contact to him regarding a headamp for low impedance phones :-)


But I would like to se the schematics for the alternate power supply with diodes - Is that possible? 

I think that psu would be great for me :-)


Best regards from 


 in Denmark

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