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Which 3 Headphones To Keep? (Decision Made!) - Page 2

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K240 Sextett, K240 DF, K290 Stereo.
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I voted Sexett, K501 and K1000, but it seems to be the general consensus as well
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Needs more Diffusefeld love.
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Originally Posted by Fitz View Post
Interesting, so far the top 3 choices match how I expected it to turn out in a public poll.
Which implies you have other choices?
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Originally Posted by Killercrush View Post
K240 Sextett MP
X2 - the k501's are airy to the point of being a cave!

I love my k400's - and I have heard from people that the k500's sound similar but more detailed.
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Hmm, if it was me...

the whole series of the Kx00/x01 frame bores me to tears, so they'd be out. They look great, they're comfy, they even sound great, in a boring way. The K1000 are such an obvious choice that I'd almost lean away from it, and as long as I had good speakers around I doubt I'd miss them too much. All the reports of muddiness and "musicality" of the dual-driver AKGs would lead me to want to strike the K280/290 as well. But then 3 versions of the K240 would be a little too similar to one another as choices.

So, in the end I'd go K241, Sextett, and K290.

Predictions for Fitz: one sextett, we know. I'm betting the K290 is in there as well, he loves those things. Finally, I believe the K401 is his favorite version of that frame, so it's either that or the K1000. Am I in the ballpark, Fitz?
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I voted Sextett, DF, K1000. That's 2/3rds based on hearsay though.

I'd probably keep EP and MP Sextett and K1000. I haven't heard 2/3rds of those either!

Hope that clears things up for you
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K1000, K501 and K240 Sextett
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I knew the poll results would form a U curve. Well, what do you expect when Sextetts are on the other end and the K1000 on the other. Those two may gain some resale value over time (and by understanding they sound fantastic) so it'd think them as keepers.
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K1000 because it's the K1000, K501 because its discontinued now and people say its really good, K280 Parabolic because it has a cool name

Mmm... AKG made SO many headphones with strange and confusing model numbers >_<
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K1000, because its the best AKG you can get, period. I would sell the rest and bought some Grado, like PS1, which you may really like, to compliment K1+.
I am not telling you to go and buy GS1000, however it would compliment K1000 even better, imo.

Good luck
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sextetts of course.

Im sure everyone will vote for k1000. but i dont like them at all, and im thinking fitz has them more for their collectibilitiy.

K240 DF isn't different enough from the sextett to warrant keeping it.

and the K400/401 is definitely better than the k500/501, so axe those in half.

I would probably go with


but i'd probably axe the k400 for a k270 playback, or something more portable

What is the K290 by the way? never heard anything about it
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The Parabolic and the K1K would be my two, you want three so throw in the Sextett or the K501 as well. Got to keep the parabolic, every mother and his aunt has a K501 or a sextett these days.
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The Sextett and K1000 seem like a no brainer. K501 because I have one and enjoy it.
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Originally Posted by Duggeh View Post
every mother and his aunt...
I may have just woken up, but lmfao.
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