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Question for Jan Meier

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I was just wondering how are the things going with the Porta Corda amp?
Jan, can you give us a bit more info about the amp, release date, approximate price range, some preliminary specs etc.
I guess it's not only me expecting the baby Corda.
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somewhere in june it was "only a few more weeks"... last news (also from quite a qhile back) was that he was waiting for some costom made parts or something, but I don't think that would've taken this long.

he will have some competition with the CMOYs JMT is cranking out. I'm hoping he's just taking more time to make sure it's better than the TA as well as the CMOY. pure speculation and keeping-my-fingers-crossed tho
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some info on the porta-corda

On 10/18/01 Odeen told me:
Pots are coming in next week, and faceplates in two weeks.. So it should be 2-3 weeks from now _for real_ (naturally, I can't exactly guarantee this)..
Jan also told me that there would be 100 premade and ready once he posts that they're for sale, which I assume would be a couple weeks after he gets the parts he's still waiting on. When I spoke with him the price was still up in the air.

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when are the schematics for the porta corda going to come out?
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I just emailed Jan about it and he said to give it a week... SWEET!
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Dear headfellows,

The situation is that Harry has finished and tested 100 PCB's. I also have the cases and the dials. The only thing I'm now waiting for are the face-plates. They should be finished by the end of this week or next week.

As soon as the amp is available there will be a sales-action in combination with the HD580. Sennheiser fully cooperates in this and made me a most interesting deal. However, I'm not giving prices yet. Simply keep tuned to Headwize/Headfi.

The schematics will not be published on short notice. It's not that I don't want to do so, but I simply don't have the time right now. So much to do!


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Thanks for the info Jan and the others. It certainly looks interesting, especially keeping in mind the great reputation the home Corda has.
Jan, you're talking about sales action of the PortaCorda together with HD580. Will the amp be available alone ( even better at introductory price)?
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Yeah, I already have a 580...
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What kind of batteries does it take?
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Dear Headfellows,

"Will the amp be available alone?"

Yes it will, but only at full price. Giving the additional costs for the HD580 you better buy the combo and sell the HD580.

"What kind of batteries does it take?"

It runs on a single 9V battery but you're also able to connect any external 6..28V DC powersupply. Current consumption 9..10 mA.


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Will you be selling just the 580s for the special price as well, or do you have to buy a porta-corda?
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How about a package consists of HD600 and the amp?
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Dear Headfellows,

Yes, the HD580 will also be sold separately for a (very!) attractive price.

No, there will be no action in combination with the HD600.

Just be patient :-)

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