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grados with flats feel better with my glasses than bowls. Err, lemme think, any circumaural can without too much clamping force works well with my glasses. I guess that's common knowledge though.
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I've never really had any comfort problems using glasses with any circumaural headphones.
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Originally Posted by Fitz View Post
I've never really had any comfort problems using glasses with any circumaural headphones.
Not comfort per say, but HD580s and some others that I can't think of off the top of my head, tend to push on the ends of my ear pieces and push the glasses off my nose. They clamp hard enough that the glasses stay up, sort of.
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I guess this depends a lot on the construction of the glasses.
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I'm a glasses wearer and I've had no problems with the Beyerdynamic DT770s. I'd assume from what other people are saying that all Beyers are pretty good comfort-wise.
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Glasses are the one enemy of the HD-555. Well, my glasses at least. They're quite wide.
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yah it really depends on the glasses. Mine are extremely thin so most headphones i've tried doesnt cause my ears to hurt due to my glasses. Its usually due to clamp and my ears themselves want to fall off (K340 leatherish pads, Grado SR125). Most other headphones are really comfortable though. So maybe get new glasses that are thinner so you have more variety in headphones?
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The most comfortable headphones used with glasses is my good old Sennheiser HD495 Silver. It is so comfortable and light that I sometimes forget I am wearing it. Mine's on its 2nd pair of ear pads and used mainly with my room television and dvd player.
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I can't stand wearing glasses with headphones, so I wait until the last minute to take out my contacts.
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I wear glasses and Audio Technica W5000 is very comfortable.

Stax SR-303 is just as, if not slightly more comfortable than my W5000.
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don't find grados were nice with glasses.. i have thin frame glasses and i feel quite a bit more pain after 30 min with glasses on then without.. can work for hours without glasses but max threshold is probably 2 h with glasses..

The dr 150 goldring are quite nice. don't know how they would work if you have a thick frame.
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I have to say the Denon AH-D2000 beats anything out there (except maybe the Bose Triport) for glasses wearers looking for circumaural phones. What's especially great about the D2000 is that you can adjust the earpads, rotating them to optimize space for your ears. And the earpads are so, so soft. Although they are heavier than my HD595, they are supremely more comfortable!
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Beyerdynamic DT770 are supremely comfortable AND dead quiet with eyeglasses. Combined with their superior isolation, they are one quiet and cozy and comfy can. I find myself liking their sound signature simply because of their comfort. I wish other headphone manufacturers would take note of the Beyerdynamic design.

None of my other headphones, or those I've owned in the past, are outright uncomfortable with any of the glasses I wear, BUT Sennheiser HD600 and HD650 and HD580 and HD595 are somewhat "squeaky" when I move my head with glasses on. So sometimes I just take my glasses off when using them.

Of the Senns, the death-vice of the HD650 causes the worst squeaks. The HD600 are pretty civilized, and the squeaks go away as the phones wear in.

The AKG K701 is good with glasses, between the Senns and Beyers, BUT the cast-iron tumors on the headband and the pull-the-hat-down-over-your-ears self-adjusting crap-bands on the side make eyeglass issues irrelevant.
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My AT A900 are also very comfortable... Even when you wear glasses, the won't become uncomfortable, even after hours.

But in general, I think, you need cans which have soft pads and don't put that much pressure on your head when you wear them.

BTW: Even with IEMs you can get problems with the cable behind your ear... I don't have problems with this, but some could...
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I have thinnish glasses and find that the D2000s are very comfortable for extended periods. As was noted above, the rotating pads are very helpful in finding the right fit.
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