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Need antenna advice

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Hi all;

I know many of you lucky dogs are considering sattelite radio, but I fear it's years away in the Great White North.

I'm hoping some of you can recommend an indoor antenna for FM. We're in the middle of nowhere, and can pick up CBC with an outdoor aerial, but evey winter ice and wind rip it off the house.

has anyone tried the Godar Electronics FM-1A super antenna or the Magnum Dynalab Signal Sleuth FM Signal Amplifier.

MD make an outdoor antenna that looks pretty bulletproof-but i wonder does that mean it would just hit harder when it tore off?

I know Audioadviosr has a money back policy, but shipping, customs and duty is expensive and non refundable.

thanks all

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I use the Godar on my den headphone system tuner. While it doesn't pull in the stations as well as the rooftop one does, it is a lot easier than running another lead from the antenna distribution box. My only suggestion is to use some nice RG-6 instead of the cheap coax they give you with it.
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I have an old issue of Audio magazine with some DIY designs.

I will dig it up and see if I can find the date/issue. A library should have it. Anybody know where the Audio archives ended up on the web? The author starts out with the familiar FM dipole, and shows some easy improvements. He then goes through several designs all the way up to one that covers an entire wall (Sturba curtain?). I've never gotten around to trying one, but all that they took were some time, small gage hook-up wire, and a tolerant spouse.
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Hey Greg, I have been trying to get ahold of that article for awhile now. (I like to build my own antennas, when possible.)
Do they mention anything about omnidirectional designs?
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No true omnis...

It was mostly an extension of the original dipole theme.

I found the article (miracle #1). It was written by Richard J. Kaufman, and appeared in Audio magazines January 1991 issue. If I can find a scanner around here that works I will send you guys a copy.

The design that I was refering to was actually called a Sterba curtain. Why the hell would I remember something like that for 10 years (miracle #2)? Basically a 9.5ft wide by 5 ft tall rectangle. 6db of gain.
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copy of plans

Getting a look at the plans would be useful-thanks.

I appreciate all the imput here. And that curtain antenna might pass as sculpture (I'll build it, sign it, sell it and buy a better Tuner;-)

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I have the Godar FM1A and ironically that thing blows the standard rabbit ears away for my TV reception but it didn't seem to outperform the rabit ears too much for FM. I think the key is placement. The drawback of the Godar is it is made to be placed on a table or shelf somewhere. I think it's a halfwave mini yagi antenna. The Magnum Dynalabs ST2(?) is also half wave but is a whip and you can probably tie or mount that thing up in places the Godar can't go. If you have an attic you might want to check out the "cheap" version of Antenna Performance Specialties In-tenna. In fact they might even have an outdoor antenna that can take the elements.
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If it works out that you can post the pictures, that would be great. My problem is that most designs are directional, and I want to go omni, so you end up with a vertical whip, which is not ideal for a horizontally polerized signal. Damn laws of physics!
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