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Originally Posted by Aevum View Post
my question would be, are rado ceramicas fragile ? i really want one, but everyone tells me that the ceramic bracelate will crack on the first impact..
Rado ceramicas are very reliable and durable. Know many friends and co-workers who have owned them for years. The only time I saw any problem w/ a Rado was an original where the owner's son playing with it knicked it. For the record I own a Rado original.
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Can anyone recommend me a good Watch forum, similar to headfi where I could do some reading up on the various Watch companies. I would really like to have some informed opinion before I make any purchase decisions.
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Omega ftw
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Hi Ad Rock

Zooming around Head-Fi and found this question!

Try 'alt.horology' It's where the rubber meets the road.
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Patek Philippe! (we are just saying which makers are our favorites, right?)
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Rado Coupole Women's Ceramic Watch from Overstock.com

Purchased the men's one like this 4 years ago, it's really tough for a watch that looks like this.
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Can I say a few words I agree 100 percent i have to autos and i like my quartz's much more, I am a guy who switches watches each day and may not go back the start of my rotation for a week I do not want to re set watches each day and do not want a auto winder i just want to put it on and fly out the door to work. i can not stand the way auto people feel quartz is beneath them, i think they are great and are accurate and matinees free. and I love my Breitling quartz and would not trade for a Rolex. my rotation is 3 different Tags which I love 1 Breitling a Movado bold black out and a Lumonox for beating around the house on weekends, Go with the breitling i could have went to Rolex when I got it real happy with it and honestly my tags are as good as any watch 2 formula ones and a aquaracer  be different go BREITILING

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