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TIMEX! Muaahahahahaaaa!!!
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Originally Posted by Drag0n View Post
TIMEX! Muaahahahahaaaa!!!

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Originally Posted by Sovkiller View Post
but any ETA Swiss movement, will perform same as, or better sometimes, than any Rolex...
I have to comment on this: I have quite a few watches based on ETA movements, namely the popular 2824, 7750 and their variants in various TAG, Omega, Oris, Sinn models, and they all run fast or slow directly from the store.

The Rolex watches that we own (three in our family) were amazingly consistent right out of the box. I was impressed that I wore a Rolex a whole week, and it was off by 1 second. And the other ones were similarly accurate. What this says to me is that Rolex takes very good care to regulate their watches, more so than the others I've owned.

It's an anecdotal story, but I was very impressed that the Rolex performed so well. Even after 4 years, my Explorer II is practically as accurate as the day I bought it. Most of the other watches I own I reset after a few weeks because they are up to a minute slow or fast.

The other thing that I find very assuring is how good the Rolex service centers are. They really do a great job servicing the watches we sent them (for the admittedly hefty price they charge), but compared to say, Omega or TAG, they are really a notch above in service. I also like the way Rolex seem to hold their value. While they are rarely an investment, at least they don't lose half their value as you drive it off the lot.

As for the OP, I'd get the Rolex easy. Breitlings never had an appeal to me, and I love sports watches. Rolex movements are proven designs, as mentioned above, pretty much bulletproof, and you still get the pride of ownership of an in-house design. I've seen too many pictures of Breitlings with barely modified standard ETA movements with some minor rotor decoration. Don't know anything about your particular choice, but I'd rather not have another ETA clone (I can tell you they all start seeming the same after a while after your Nth 2824 based watch). The watches that get the most wrist time for me are the ones that have in-house movements or are historically signficant. Rolex has both going for it.

I also guess I like simple looking watches. My favorite pilot watches have to be Sinn. They know how to make a watch that looks like a tool (as a true pilot watch should be).
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here's a vote for the breitling. always thought they looked better than comparable rolexes...
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I am like both watch brands owning a Rolex Daytona and Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute which is on my wrist right now. Regarding in-house movements the Daytona used to be an out of house movement but Rolex put in their own movement I think around 2001 if I recall correctly. If I was choosing between the two watches you mentioned I would go with the Sea Dweller. I am not a big fan of the Super Avenger.
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Rolex is nice, and the sub is a classic. It is also the most recognized 'nice watch' on the planet, so wearing one is a statement of wealth to others. That's one factor to consider. Another one to consider is that many, many people will ask you 'is that real', or even outright claim that it's fake. Not sure why this happens, but it does.

For the Breitling, I'd recommend checking out the Navitimer, an absolutely classic design that wears younger than the submariner or seadweller, and still looks very classy and sporty without screaming 'LOOK AT ME I OWN A ROLEX'.

One other thing to consider is the fact that Rolex uses an in house movement, while Breitling uses a more commonly available ETA movement. The net result, if you have a problem with your rolex after the warantee period, it still needs to go back to rolex to get fixed. If you have a problem w/the breitlings after your warantee is up, can be serviced by any competent watchsmith. Something to consider if you are going to own it for a long time.
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The Rolex looks better. For the same money, which I don't have, I'd probably get a nice IWC, but the Rolex is timeless.
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I'd pick the Breitling. The Rolex is more common and mainstream. Everyone knows the name "Rolex". I tend to prefer things that are a bit more unique or unusual. To me, the Breitling while still popular is less seen than Rolex. Also the Rolex submariner has got to be the number #1 watch for fakes. Walk around the southern end of Manhattan and every other street corner is someone trying to sell you a $30 Rolex Submariner. I'm sure Breitling is knocked off as well, but not as much as the sub. $0.02.
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Rolex hold their value better than Breitling. Rolex are elegant and feel so nice on the wrist, almost s though they are not there, the same cannot be said of Breitling, they feel aquard in my experience.
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Wow the replies in this thread are seriously .

have you compared the two on your wrist yet?
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I have owned a Rolex, currently own a Breitling Aerospace. Build quality for both is OK but not superb. Currently wearing a Luminox, just as good as the other 2 for a fraction of the price.
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Breitling, hands down! I LOVE the Breitling Bentley line.
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I say get both! Just kidding, but do go and try them side by side and see which one is more comfortable and looks better on your wrist.

Also if you decide to buy a Rolex I strongly recommend you buy from a Rolex dealer that has an state jewelery display. Some of the larger and reputable dealers take in used Rolex in trade in for a more expensive Rolex, then they send the used one to Rolex to have it serviced. When it returns you can not tell it apart from a new one, and the best part is that it comes with the same warranty.

If I had known of it I would have saved about $2,000 when I purchased my last two tone date just.
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I was looking at the same choice a few years ago, I did this. Sweep second hand, better clasp and less expensive.

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Honestly I havent had a chance to try either. I was alway a TAG fan, owning several of them over the years.When I was younger I was under the impression tha Rolex was for the older, stodgy crowd, thus I chose TAG.

Now at 41 and not quite an old fart yet Im finding that Rolex really is timeless.
I just wish some of the styling was borrowed from Breitling

The Sub has remained the same for yearsmwhile companies like TAG are always re-inventing themselves (not that thats a bad thing).

Hmmm .... maybe a Panerai
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