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Originally Posted by Gross View Post
Ok, I will see about moving that resistor when I add my output resistors. Think I will have any problem with 100 ohms or so?
Not sure I'd go as high as 100ohm, but you can try and see how it goes. Maybe one of the members with a bit more of a technical mind can give a better opinion.
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Ok - so the chasiss and tubes together shipped is $49.
$32 from mouser
$17 from tube depot

The power supply is $17 shipped.

That bring the total to $66 shipped.

unless someone has some extra tubes + sockets they would be willing to sell me....

I was hoping to keeping it lower... but am I doing something wrong?

Mine is also having the switched 1/4 jack and extra RCA out.
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my mouser total is only $18.35 (w/o shipping) although I already have a spst switch and the film caps, so maybe call it $21. I'm gonna find something free to use as the chassis. I got my PS for $8 shipped off ebay. And I'm still trying to decide where to get my tubes from. A switched jack and extra RCA outs will add maybe $5?

tube depot probably has the most expensive prices out there. I'd try
Vacuum Tubes, Inc. New Tubes, 8JU8A to 50FK5
Radio Daze
Vacuum Tubes Radio Tubes - 5,000 different tubes in stock - Over 10 million tubes! or
Vacuum Tubes, Electron Tubes, Tubes, Tube Testers and Electronic Parts
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where can I get the $8 PS?

Please tell me!
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That includes all the parts from mouser.

It looks lie the tubes, tube sockets and power supply will cost more than everything else. lame.....

*just put in bid for PSU*
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eBay Stores – PSA18U, Networking Communications, Desktop Laptop Accessories, PC Components – Original items at low prices.

it looks like we head-fiers have driven up the prices (or just bought most of the cheap ones)
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ya I looked in my yellow pages under electronics...you'd be suprised what you have around you. I found this place that has TONS of used, NOS, and new electronics stuff (power supplies, CRTs, canare starquad, heatshrink, rotary switches) including tubes. This one isn't the most organized place ever tho, so you might spend several hours going thru their tubes to find a pair. That's just the one by me tho, I would think most similar places are more organized

Originally Posted by holland View Post
I bid on one the first day of the thread, with the contingency that if I win, I'll build this amp.
I did the same thing, luckily, no one bid above my 99 cents. I however AM a starving student
Originally Posted by holland View Post
Now, if there's a starving homeowner amp....
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Well, I think tha t this may just be one killer pre-amp for the money and can be used as a headphone amp with the way I am doing it.

I wanted just a cheap amp for my workplace over the summer. If this outperforms my XP....situation may change....
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Just an FYI, I ordered 6 tubes from tubedepot last week, and he only had 4 in stock, so I took them. I got 4 different tubes, 3 similar, and the GE was quite a bit different.

In the second image I have the tubes facing the same direction according to their pins, but you can see how the getter is positioned way different on the GE compared to the other 3 tubes I got. It leaves the silver deposit on the front of the tube, compared the back on the other 3. I don't know how different these will sound from each other, but obviously they look different.

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bought my tubes and sockets - bid on PSU - currently paying mouser for parts.
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$17 for tubes? For how many? I think I bought 10 for a couple bucks more than that...

There are lots and lots of tube dealers out there and prices vary wildly, if you're paying more than a couple bucks a tube for this amp I don't think you're getting a particularly good deal.

And Germania, I'm not sure how it'll do as a preamp. It has a lot of gain (as noted earlier in the thread) which generally isn't what you want out of a preamp and you may have to work on your wiring and grounding scheme to get it really quiet.
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^That is the plan.

I have some parts around here and I am going to see what works best and post it.

I ended up getting a set of tubes for $10 and ceramic sockets for $5 - total of $15 shipped.

Also, anyone know any other compatible dual triode tubes? I was thinking that I might be able to make a multi-way switch to roll out some different ones. * 5

I should probably only focus on the pre-amp for now.....
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