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i love sony srf serials.i bought srf-m73 and srf-m95.the latter has 20 preset ,mega bass,ultra slim design.buy it ,you will not regret.
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The Sony radio is not sold in the U.S.; it is available in Japan & Europe. One more example, among far too many, of how Japanese firms continue to ignore, or disdain, the U.S. market for their top quality products. I guess they think we wouldn't appreciate them. Gaijin.

Sony/Panasonic/Matsu****a/AudioTechnica/Seiko/Citizen/etc. all exhibit the same attitude. Honda/Toyota/Nissan do to a somewhat lesser degree (they export to us the most profitable expensive stuff)...
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Not to take this too far off-topic but..

Originally posted by JML
Honda/Toyota/Nissan do to a somewhat lesser degree (they export to us the most profitable expensive stuff)...
Subaru is breaking ground in this area with the 2002 Impreza WRX. Finally, a Japanese car company is seeing the USA as a great market for their top performance cars. Support Subaru! In a couple of years, we'll see the Impreza WRX STi!

Proud WRX owner,
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it is my first time to hear that the japanese form disdain £¨or somewhat£© the american market.actually in china we all say that those japanese sell the first-grade product to domestic and european and american market ,the 3-grade to my hometown.no matter what£¬ i hate these ugly japanese,i donnot understand why they treat customers in different way¡£
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Funny, the Subaru was the example of the way the car market may be changing. But it took several years for us to get that car. And I hear great things about that hotter version in Japan.

If you want examples of the Japanese marketing perspective, a look at any of the watch fanatic forums would show the same thing. Several places in Japan and Singapore have sprung up to supply home-market Seiko and Citizen models to the U.S. Seiko's best stuff never gets close to the U.S. They send us the ugly pieces. Check out www.higuchi-inc.com for examples of what you can get in Japan from Citizen & Seiko.
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haha , i have a example too.my classmate asked his father in us to bring back a discman.but ,to our surprise,he brought back a out-of-date one.the modle maybe ct-2**(i forget),ugly design,noising sound.in shanghai we all bought ct-780 and ej925 that time.so he secret that one and bought a dj825
you know shanghai?there are a lot of head-fi funs here
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