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need advice: sell the sigma 30mm or get a nikon p5100

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Yes they are in totally different leagues and it really depends on how much I will use both. I was just wondering what you guys would do. Right now I have a nikon d40 and it is too big for me to carry and whip out on a whim taking photos for yearbook, or for my website. However, it really comes in handy for portraits. I got the sigma 30mm because I like the speed of the lens and its performance in lowlight. Right now I am eyeing a nikon p5100 as a "carry all over the place" camera that has quality photo taking capabilities as well as a great number of options.

What do you guys think? Convince me one way or another!
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Would you rather have an extra lens or an extra camera? I personally would get the p5100 in case something happens to your D40. This is why most photojournalists carry two or even several bodies (and many do carry a P&S), since stuff breaks in the field. However, if you feel confident in using your D40 all the time, go ahead and keep the Sigma 30mm.
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How about a Sigma DP1?

While I have a Nikon DSLR, I prefer Canons for point and shoots. Namely the A series.

Getting a point and shoot to carry around at all times is not a bad idea.
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ahh i am really at a loss and very indecisive...=(
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I could never get rid of my Sigma 30mm it's a permanent fixture on my D50 (which I bought so I could put my other lenses on the D70).
As a general point & shoot the P5100 is ideal, but won't give you the photographic quality of the D40.
IMO, of course.
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I've gotten used to dSLRs so much that I can't stand the small P&S ones anymore. I've got my big and bulky setup for when I want to make an excursion of things, and now my totable camera is a Canon 400D When paired with the kit lens, the thing is so small. The controls are a little more kluggy then the larger dSLRs, but you're not skimping on versatility. If I'm at a zoo or something, I'll also take my 70-200mm lens for really close shots. And it feels a little weird the first time you shoot with a lens that's 6 times the weight of your camera!
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To be honest a D40 + Sigma 30mm is pretty portable.
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If you really like the Sig 30, I don't see why you should get rid of it, as it sounds like a great lens (I almost bought one, but the lack of close-focus ability made me go with the Nikkor 35). If you want a take everywhere point and shoot, I'd try to spend less, and get something like a Canon SD1000 or this Fuji F45: Fuji F45fd (same as f40fd) $105 shipped AR ritzcamera - SlickDeals.net Forums

To me, it's not worth spending too much on a pocket cam, unless it has some extra capability like wide-angle (Canon SD870, Nikon S600) or RAW. Even with a RAW-capable digicam, your DSLR will get you a lot more keepers, and higher image quality, even with a kit lens, let alone a high-res prime like your 30mm.
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The most important thing about photography is being able to take the picture. You can work around not having a fast enough lens, but you can't work around not even having the camera in your hand. When I got my Nikon D200, I lent my Olympus 3030 point and shoot to a friend. Big mistake. Within a week I was jonesing for the small unobtrusive camera. You can't sneak a candid shot of someone with a camera as long as Milton Berle. I am actually thinking of getting a smaller point and shoot, so I can always have a camera with me in my pocket 24/7. A lot of great shots never get taken because the camera is at home in a bag.

See ya
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