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As per the recommendations that I found from searching Head-Fi, I went to Bed, Bath, And Beyond today and bought a banana hanger that I am now using it as a headphone stand. For only $10, I think it is a deal.
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Originally Posted by filipelli View Post
^^ Yep, pretty nice case, but no does not come with the watch. Movado man!

Pic of top - perfect alignment.

Oh sweet. I thought if I got the case, I wouldn't be able to control it in my pocket.

I'll probably get one next week
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Originally Posted by aragornmustdie View Post
easy-to-recognize rig

Now THAT is a true war unit, now that makes mine (although it has a slight impression and a minor scratch on the back) look pretty much unused.

Don't worry Basman, I will be posting pics of my NW-HD5 Silver very soon (I got it back on Wednesday), but, how do I check to see what firmware is currently on it, as I got it used with just the power supply and the felt pouch??? I live in a very isolated small town (Port Townsend, Washington) where it seems like nobody there knows technology, let alone who the hell Cindy Margolis is (not even our so-called "computer store"), and I am afraid of doing the upgrade (to v1.2) myself for fear of messing up my PC or any of the current components or programs on it.

Ah yes, the freedom from having to carry so much gear just to be able to enjoy my favorite tracks (and more of them at that!), now all I need is some extra spare batteries, I will be ordering them direct from Sony DAPC rather than get those cheap $10 (?!?!) knockoffs on eBay, that and some custom accessories and I will be doing fine.
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Vaio Pocket & MDR-CD900st

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Grips !

iGrado drivers on Koss clips

And these clips are driven by ... let guess ... Sansa Clip!
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Nice mod
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Originally Posted by kostalex View Post
Grips !

iGrado drivers on Koss clips

And these clips are driven by ... let guess ... Sansa Clip!
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^^^ wow that looks so clean!
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Wow, i want to get me some grips for my sansa clip.
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my current portable rig!

5.5g iMod > Jumbo Cryo X Silver > RSA Predator > UM2(not in pic)
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Nice iGrado mod.

How do they sound compared to normal Grados? If they are similar I'll have to do this. The grado sound yet pocketable. Hard to beat!
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Nice rig.
Have you considered a portable V-Cap Dock?
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Kostalex: Wow,.. that's awesome... I must try that...
Are they iGrado drivers? SR60?

And did you just stick the clips on? Tutorial by any chance?
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those "grips" deserve there own thread. It would be nice to see a tutorial and some impressions, nice job
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They keep Grado sound, while have less bass than iGrado, which are quite bassy. Bass quantity increases with clasping force, while the comfort suffers. You may bend the clips to meet your personal prefs. Overall SQ is slightly worse than with iGrado. I beleive that absence of backside acoustic dampening is the reason (no cups, no foams). Anyway, they are a bit better than my extremely modded KSC-75 (drilled grill, OFC cable, punched iGrado foams which tame harsh highs).

Drivers are iGrados, which are the same as SR60.


Grips are noticeably heavier than KSC-75, thus less comfortable. They sound a bit better than well-modded KSC-75, though not better enough to justify the modding hassles. Probably SR225 drivers deserve this mod more Or GS1000

Kinda tutorial:

Clips are not sticked, I use a Koss-like clutches instead. I can not tell you how to make them, since all my attempts to make them myself were unsuccessful. I ended ordering them to my friend who lathed them for me. Then I glued them to the drivers.

The rest of the mod is obvious, except a liitle trick which improved the comfort dramatically. I straighten the 90 degrees clips bend covered by the silicon, next to small steel ball. Then I bend it again at other point to provide more room for my ears between the clips and the drivers. I also recommend these "rebending" for any who feels themselves uncomfortable with KSC-75 as I did before. This helps.
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