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Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XI] - Page 18

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Sansa Clip > iBasso D2 > PortaPro deep mod

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Classic 160 -> Microshar LOD -> iBasso D2 -> p2s cable -> ER-4P -> custom molds -> my ears (not shown)

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where did u get the custom er4 moulds done?
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At local hearing protection clinic. They did that first time, so molds are not good yet. They will try to make a better molds. Anyway, even these molds are better than any universal fit tips.
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Molds by hearyourself.com

Other option, picture of hearyourself.com molds taken from this post:
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Nokia N800 2gb (dual 1gb cards) (ty womworld.com) has standard headphone jack
Creative Zen Vision:W 30gb
Ipod Nano 1gb
Altec Lansing iM616
Denon AH-C551K
Shure E3c

They all find use depending on my travels.

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N800 and ZVW...dang.
I've wanted an internet tablet but I gotta stick w/my PSP.
I have the 504 now which I like more than the ZV:W, especially considering I bought the dock.
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I updated my rig with a new headphone....

I call it ''The Black Rig''

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Some new pictures of my rig, since I have upgraded:

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Those triple's are sharp looking
I'm not a big fan of the Cowon iAudio 7 though.
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Now that's a "Real" piece of audio equipment you got there Nosgis..
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Headsix Update:

Portable = Almost done.
I am making another LOD to go with it better using the Silver iPod Dock and am going to use the Neglex conductors (PE coated) instead of the PVC covered OFHC wire w/ techflex.
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whats in the insten box?
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I think it's the FreQ
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That is an iPod dock ( for syncing ).

But in there are my FreQShows!

I <3 Them.

Really, you can't get much higher SQ than this setup without making transportable sacrifices. I'm already at the point of hearing the flaws in recordings really bad and anything higher would make it unenjoyable.
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