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Yeah - I am a girl who is about 5'5", so the 1M length it has is fine for me ATM. However, my next cable will likely be 48" or maybe 56". When the wire comes in I will decide.

The exterior of the wire comming in is MUCH smaller. While the guage is the same, it is only 2/3rds the thickness.

Plus, I have really small ears and those connectors are the same size as the originals.
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Nice! Bit fat for portable, and my friends would laugh at me on the bus, but i do have some StevenKelby LW cables that will be on their way hopefully in the next 2weeks before i go away on holiday.

To audio heaven, a quiet french villiage where i discovered CX300's sounded crap after alot of listening, came home, joined head-fi, thought i hated bass, and then took ER6i's and decided i didnt like them at all, then took Livewires (arrived just in time) and had the best week ever while listening to them (with a new -to me- laptop and camera too after a year of saving) blocking out the annoyance of trapsing around the same shops as the previous years with my mum, her boyfriend who doesnt mind clothes shopping, his daughter, my sister... Hell.

At least i will have a new toy(s)... Nothing to write a review on this time though

Photography and pics of SK cables (if they come in time!) will be coming up as soon as i am home though

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Originally Posted by -=Germania=- View Post
Teaser Pics:

FreQ cable using 22 AWG Cryo copper in PE dielectric (unfortunately using the last of my stock.... 1M length.

In My ear:

See the shaped cable:

The cable is not as stiff as it looks, but not nearly as flexible as the stock cable. Works extremely well! I can't wait to try the silver stuff I have coming in.
Bigger gauge will be more suitable with those tiny phones.
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no words.....
Hd-5 + cmoy caffeine amp+er4p

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Originally Posted by -=Germania=- View Post
For the senn plugs I deconstruted a senn cable and then melted the plastic and made a little mold out of silly putty and put the cable w/ the wires in the little mold and did each little half. I did only mold the distancer between the pins (the part that fits in the inner area of the plug) I did leave a bit iof the pins exposed at the ends and built up the rest in layers of adhesive and regular heat shrink. The result is a much more flexible connection near the face that is just as stable.

I am working on a way to mold the connectors for the FreQ cable so that it is a bit more supportive of the pins.

I think that I need to make a set of molds for each because the cardas, while very nice, are a bit too expensive for me ATM. Plus, I didn't want to do a covered area dn the orginal HD580 cable I had was pretty bad.
I think I understood that about 80-90%
What's the silly putty for? lol

This isn't the right thread to ask all the questions I have about those. Will you be discussing the 2 cables on another thread somewhere?

btw, they look spectacular!
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What I got for now

Front view.

Awesome rubberband cable management.
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got mine hippocase amp sack from Jaben..Pretty cheap..definitely worth every cent

the amp is the go-vibe magnum from Jaben also

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Dear god, Darkkopi, thats the best portable rig i have ever seen.
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That is the definition of not having a budget!
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Sweet Darkkopi!!!
Looks gorgeous!!
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lets trade!
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WOW! Excellent rig Darkkopi. That pic makes the cut for sure.
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Originally Posted by yeahx View Post
Awesome rubberband cable management.
Hey, how do you control the volume out of the LOD?

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How do you fit these things in your pockets? They're hugeeeeee.

Unless you have really deep ones, money and space wise.
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