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Some IEM's for my Ipod

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So im new to this whole super crazy awesome headphone things just so you know. just got a new Ipod and i hate these crappy ones that come with it. Won't stop buzzing if i turn the volume up so im just wondering if you guys have any advice for some IEM's i should get. I mostly listen to heavy metal, punk, alternative and am looking for a pair around 100$ but will go up a little higher if there is some really great IEM i should get.
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I am with you brother, you and i are in the same boat
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ER-6i is the answer to cheap IEM bliss!
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I would recommend the Futuresonics Atrio M5s. Check them out for yourself at the thread link below.
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I think the Q-Jays would be great for you.
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Crossroads MylarOne X3i and XBi are spectacular value for money. The X3's are detailed and have slightly less pronounced bass then the XBi's. Both are only available in Singapore or by mail at
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Denon C551 or C700/751, good all rounder for any type of music.
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x2 for the er-6i.
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Haven't heard them myself but for $80 Head-Direct is having a group buy on the new RE2 IEM. Check out the reviews, you might find them interesting. Having had the ER6i, I don't know how well they'd work with Heavy Metal and Punk.
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If you want to stay low then the Denon C551 or ER6i would be your best bet. It depends on your musical preferences though. The ER6i is very neutral without a lot of bass. The Denon C551 have great bass and really get your feet tapping. The ER6i has brighter highs, and isolates more though.

Denon AH-C551

Etymotic ER6i

If you want to go up in price you can get the Denon C751 for a little over $100. It has more detail and better highs then the C551. These are by far my favorite canal phones.

Denon AH-C751
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Thanks ill make sure to check these out guys.
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