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Long cables for my Jamo-128

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Hi all

I'm considering moving my Teac A-X3030 amplifier nearer to my PC, as now my PC is my primary sound source and the amplifier doesn't have a remote. I'm planning to buy a FUBAR II or III to plug into my PC and it would be great to connect it to my amp and not to any cheap'n'dirty PC speakers

The problem is that the cables I'm using now are only 1,5 meters long and if I move the amp, I will need MUCH more... The new path for the cables would be a bit over 10 meters long and most of the path both cables would have to be together, it's impossible to keep them separated at all given the narrow space I have to carry them. I don't think that cross-induction will be an issue, though, I'm more concerned about cable impedance.

Which cross section should I use for such a long path? I was planning to use electric cable with a good cross section to drive my Jamo 128. I don't use them at full power, of course. I haven't made measurements, but I estimate that most of the time I keep the power at 20W or so, but it would be great if the cable is fat enough to handle the 100W, just in case.

Is it a good idea to have such long cable? Should I refrain from moving the amp?
Thanks a lot in advance

Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado
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Question . . . I see you have Jamo 128 speakers do you know the frequency response of them?  I can't seem to find the answer online.


As for your post  . . .not sure but as long as your under 50' and using say a 14 or better yet 12 g wire I (think) you should be fine and you won't lose much.

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