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Kel Ghu

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I bought a Pico from him today. The arrangement was very smooth, we spent some time trying different headphones with the Predator/Pico. Highly recommended seller.
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Bought an Ultrasone PRO2500 from him. Really kind guy, fast shipment, item is just as described. Summing up: highly recommended!
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Kel Ghu

bought a senn hd650 from him. condition excellent - shipment prompt. will definitely deal with him again!

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thanks to Kel Ghu

I bought a RSA Predator from Kel Ghu, I have to say he is a very nice guy,we got a smooth and happy tread indeed. quike and responsiable. I'd like to tread with him again definately.
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I bought a ed9 from Kel Ghu.

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