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Some great recommendations already posted; I'll opt for something different.


Due to a lot of stressful and even depressing events in my life as of late, a friend of mind introduced to me Meditation: a method used in obtaining and dwelling in inner peace and sanity. Ambient music is great to listen to during any complex time I feel. A website I use to help meditate and to even learn some music from is Calm.


Try it: http://www.calm.com/




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Originally Posted by synaesthetic View Post

My usual genres of choice are artsy post-metal and avant-garde metal, sludge, doom and drone, but I've been getting into ambient music recently. I don't know that many ambient artists who do strictly ambient, and that's a problem.

Some of these electronic musicians are super-prolific and produce a lot of stuff across a huge range of genres, and I'm really just looking for more ambient stuff to feed my brain.

I'm a big fan of Atrium Carceri ever since I heard his stuff, it's wonderful, and I've always loved Akira Yamaoka's work on the Silent Hill games. But I don't have much of a reference point on this type of music--I know two huge metalheads who give me plenty of metal recommendations, but I really like ambient music.

I just wish I knew more artists!


Steve Roach is my favorite ambient artist. You can view his extensive discography (with free samples) here.


I recommend starting with his 2003 release (of which I have an autographed four-disc edition) Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces.


It's funny that you mentioned Silent Hill because I was just discussing the soundtracks for Silent Hill 3 and 4 with someone else.


Edit: Can't believe I didn't notice this thread was published in 2008!

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Kyle Bobby Dunn is my main man ambient wise. 


A kind of ambient drone in the guise of soporific classical. 





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Try some of this... 














if not try this... 

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