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Ambient recommendations?

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My usual genres of choice are artsy post-metal and avant-garde metal, sludge, doom and drone, but I've been getting into ambient music recently. I don't know that many ambient artists who do strictly ambient, and that's a problem.

Some of these electronic musicians are super-prolific and produce a lot of stuff across a huge range of genres, and I'm really just looking for more ambient stuff to feed my brain.

I'm a big fan of Atrium Carceri ever since I heard his stuff, it's wonderful, and I've always loved Akira Yamaoka's work on the Silent Hill games. But I don't have much of a reference point on this type of music--I know two huge metalheads who give me plenty of metal recommendations, but I really like ambient music.

I just wish I knew more artists!
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Why not try this out from Portuguese outfit Aquarelle (free download):
Internet Archive: Details: Aquarelle - Era uma vez uma cortina... [enrmp041]

Very good hazy, dreamlike music.
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Search result:


It's a 12 page thread...
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The king of ambient is Brian Eno.
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what about Bass Communion
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Originally Posted by manaox2 View Post

and maybe Aus and Shreber Harber Mole Flying Wheel
I love these 2 they're ambient, experimetal, idm
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Off The Sky, any release upto The Geist Cycles
Anders Ilar, Everdom (some incredible ambient tracks on there)
William Basinski (but I think this is considered minimalism), Slow Wave Music and El Camino Real

Give it a shot..
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Mum - Summer Make Good
BT - This Binary Universe
Thom Brennan - Vibrant Water
Electrypnose - Subliminal Melancholies
Shulman - Soundscapes and Modern Tales

and I really recommend Digitally Imported Radio - Free Internet Radio Stations | DI.fm 's Chillout and Ambient channels. Especially the chillout channel- A+++ stuff.

also, if you don't know about Rosetta - Galilean Satellites, you're really missing out. Post metal ambient avantgarde stuff.. really, realllly good.

If you check these out and want more suggestions from me, just let me know- it's my pleasure to help you find some new stuff
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Originally Posted by Luminette View Post
Mum - Summer Make Good
I've had this Múm album since its initial release, and I was/am hugely disappointed with it. I'm surprised to see them racking up all the votes.

I would add Nest to the list for sure. Visit this page for some downloads and other information.
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Thanks for all the suggestions. =)

Originally Posted by Luminette View Post
also, if you don't know about Rosetta - Galilean Satellites, you're really missing out. Post metal ambient avantgarde stuff.. really, realllly good.
I own this album and I love it. I also own their other album, Wake/Lift, which is quite possibly the heaviest and most brutal post-metal I've ever heard.
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Check out Susumu Yokota and PostEverything: Music For The Genre Gap
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Aloof Proof - Expo Two (piano text) [my personal favorite atm]
Brian Eno - Ambient 1

my recommendations when it comes to just strictly ambient.
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I'm also an "artsy post-metal" and doom/drone fanatic who likes ambient music a lot.

Brian Eno is definitely the starting point, I think. Thursday Afternoon is my favourite of his ambient work, though Ambient 1 is also essential.

As a fan of the sort of music you mention, you probably know Nadja. However, the creative force there, Aidan Baker, has a lot of guitar loop ambience to his name. I'd suggest "The Sea Swells a Bit" and "Broken & Remade" to start with.

If you know Sunn O))), which you probably do, you should look into stuff by Oren Ambarchi, whom you may know played on Black1. He has many excellent ambient albums. I'd suggest "Suspension" and "Grapes from the Estate" to start with.

As a metal fan you should know Burzum. He has a glorious 25 minute long ambient track on Filosofem. Still one of my favourite songs.

Other suggestions:

William Basinski - The Disintegration Loops I though IV
Sleep Research Facility - Deep Freeze
Experimental Audio Research - Phenomena 256
Experimental Audio Research - Millenium Music
Steve Roach - Structures from Silence
Tetsu Inoue - World Receiver
Peter Namlook - Silence I
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