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Electrostatic Headphones

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Hi , I just joined this site due to my recently increasing interests for headphones. Now I've found these headphones laying around the house, my father bought them, in the 70s I guess.

I would like to have some more info about them : )




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Rebranded Stax SR-3/SR-3N/SR-5 is my guess.
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Nice. Is there any text on the back of the transformer box, and can you tell us whether it has to be plugged into the wall or not? It might be yet another rehoused SR-3 variation, but it might also be an electret. Either way, have you hooked them up? They should sound pretty good.
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Nope no text. No power cable needed.
This is what it looks like on the back.

The adapter weighs about 1 kg.

Edit: I might be able to try em out tomorrow.
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It's a cousin of the Marantz. Realistic and Magnavox. The headband is a dead giveaway and so are the Stax sockets used. The input wiring used and the loop out are all parts they have in common with the Magnavox so they have Stax drivers.
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Those are hot!
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Heh. They actually resemble the OII.

Maruni also made/sold a plug-it-right-in electret model (the ES-801), which only Carl would remember.

Many mfrs. sold a 'stat that looked more or less like the ones in Molooch's photos. Even Teledyne...

...and Numark.

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Heh, yeah they do :P
Well anyways thank you for the info.
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Another rebranded Stax.
Certainly lots of them out there, under different brand names...
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I looked on the internet years ago and couldn't find anyone having these headphones. Well i have hose but i don't have the power supply. bought them on a flea market some 15 years ago and they are still in my possession, but i never heard them. How do they sound? Can you take pictures from the inside of the power supply. I want to build one myself.


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