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UPS for Mac Mini

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Hi all. I have a Mac Mini (Intel C2D based) and I need to get a UPS for it. Here in South Africa we are fairly limited in terms of good (i.e., non generic) UPS's, and the 3 brands which I am particularly interested in and can get here are:
- Powercom

My question is regarding the UPS output - does it need to be pure sinewave for the Mac Mini (and its external power brick)? Or would a modified sinewave, line-interactive UPS suffice?

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I don't know the specific answer to your question, but I can tell you that mine is plugged into an APC and I have no problems.
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No need for a high-dollar sine wave UPS. The last one I bought for a Time Capsule, which should be fine for a Mini, was a 350 APC. Cost me all of $29.95 at Fry's here in the states. It even has a replaceable battery.

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