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IEM for my music taste

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I want some IEM headphones that have a thumpy bass like while you're in a car, good isolation, and durable cables. First, I saw the Denon AH-C551's, but I looked in a review on CNET, and saw V-moda Vibe's and Creative Zen Aurvana. I've also seen the SONY MDR-EX90LP. Which one is the best out of those? I'm looking foward to buy the Denon AH-C551's, but I'm afraid there are better IEM's for the price range.
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after doing a "very quick" google search, i've determined that:

v-moda vibe: excellent reviews in the bass dept.

denon ah-c551: generally positive reviews concerning bass

sony mdr-ex90lp: mixed reviews for bass response

creative zen aurvana: not so fantastic opinions on bass

i haven't heard any of these so i'm most definitely not a big help. i do own the ep-630, cx300, and 3's, and out of those three i would suggest the cx300. i find them to have a lot of bass (as do the ep-630 but with slightly less detail) while the 3 isn't nearly as potent in that department. while i like my senn's, i'm sure there are better choices if you're willing to spend 3x the amount by considering the c551's. i imagine if bass is your biggest concern then the v-moda's might be the way to go. again, i haven't heard any of the iem's that you listed, so....
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Thanks for the help. I still don't know. I want to know what other people think about the V-Moda's on this forum. I got recommended the Denon's on people on this site. I just want to know about the V-moda's.
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Definitely go with C551, the bass is really good (combination between punchy and boomy), i often say it as ear shaking bass and for $65 the best for the price. I've tried V-moda before, they are better than EP630, but worse than C551.
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I've heard the V-Modas have some durability issues. Not sure if they've been rectified yet.
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Might go with the Denon's then. How about Shure SE110?
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Just ordered the Denon AH-C551K for $65.79 including shipping on Amazon. This is going to be my first expensive headphones, so I hope their good. (I'm replacing my Apple Earbuds that came with my iPod touch.)
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Hope they suite you well. :P But I've looked at them.. and I think there ugly, but that doesn't matter much, you can't see your ears!
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WOW! The Vibes and Aurvana are not worth the money. CNet has horrible headphone reviews. The Sony are decent, but the Denon C551 are by FAR the best in this price range. The bass has great impact and depth. You will not be disappointed.

Denon AH-C551
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