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I own this Turbo Sport portable infrared grill:

It's a bit spendy at $200, but it's a fantastic piece of kit. It's not your normal gas grill, as it has a ceramic grate with hundreds of tiny pores to vent the super heated flame. It heats up instantly and provides considerably more heat than any gas grill.

It accepts the common portable gas tubes or can be hooked up to the standard bulbous propane tank with an adapter.

It sears fantastically and cooks very very quickly.

Few words of wisdom:

1) Even though it's fairly small, don't cook indoors!
2) On coldish nights, a portable propane canister can freeze to the unit, but I've never had that problem with the full tank.
3) Don't cook with the lid down

I love it. I'd buy it again, heck I might buy another one for higher volume cooking.
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The Weber charcoal (as noted earlier) is a very good choice

Weber One-touch Silver 18 1/2 In. Charcoal Grill 441001 - eBay (item 280177102060 end time Apr-22-08 10:41:19 PDT)

I've had one for many years and they're a great value, work great, and will last a long time.

Use it mostly for steaks, burgers, brats, chicken, etc. but I've smoked pork roasts and whole turkeys on it occassionally. Very flexible.

Get one of the 'chimney' charcoal starters too - they work MUCH better than I ever would have thought.
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+1 for Webber One Touch Silver. I owned the bigger 22in one for 10+ years...replaced both grates once...still burning hot and no rust.
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I decided to buy the Weber One-touch Silver 22.5", thanks everyone!
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Show off the food porn.


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Weber Performer --- best of both worlds --- charcoal grill with propane gas ignition


This thread has gotten me excited for the approaching end of winter 8-)

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This is one heck of a thread...
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