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Amp construction questions

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Now that I've finished a cmoy amp, I have some questions for the gurus on this board (I'm very new at this stuff, so virtually everyone's a guru compared to me):
[list=1][*]What tips can you recommend for drilling holes that are aligned with one another? I tried to align them visually, but that didn't work that great.[*]What are some ways to reduce the size of the circuit on the board, without using a preprinted PCB?[*]Are there any optimizations that could be made specifically for the Etymotics ER-4S?[*]Where can I get some nice, portable enclosures? I think the Pac-Tec case recommended by Chu Moy is a nice starter box, but is too big for my tastes. Also, I tried the Serpac SRH65-9VB-ND case, and I had a hard time mounting all the necessary stuff on its face plate. In fact, I screwed up the face plate when drilling it due to my clumsiness.[/list=1]

Thanks for the help!
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am I'm a newbie at this as well, so can't answer all your questions, but here goes:

1. measure em out and make a tiny dent (with a punch or something) to mark the spot. also gives the drill more surface, so it won't go wandering.

2. layout. I had a terrible layout th first time, but I planned another one in excel, much smaller. I guess it depends on the kind of bard you useing, but the one I got has a couple of long strips and a lot of smaller ones in between. I'd say it's as small as it gets (23x14 holes ), unless you work some voodoo, like some guys here do . also very basic, no pot and such. another way would be to use a single OPA2134 opamp instead of one for each channel.

3. ask someone else this is advanced stuff

4. Altoids, Fisherman's Friend, Penguin, all works you need a small board, small jacks and switches, but it is pocket sized! I'm going to use a square Wings "Adventurous Cigarillos - Lights" tin, which is roughly the size of two md jewelcases, just high enough for a 9v, and you'll need to put the caps in a vertical position, but it's waaaay cool besides, I like the smell and it'll fit the frontpocket of my md-bag! and if there's not enough room on the front, use the sides!
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It is a good idea when laying out a panel to cover it with a "mask".Some kind of adhesive paper or even masking tape.Then yo can do your layout on the paper surface.This also prevents tool marks from drilling , etc.
The actual layout should be done with a measuring device.I like to use a stainless steel ruler with both metric and inch markikngs.
I start by finding the panel center by measuring it then dividing by two.I mark this at three points across the panel,then using the straight edge mark the center across the entire surface.
Then I take the actual switches/jacks/knobs/indicators and place them on the panel to get some sense of the size and ease of use,mark the panel with a "tick" then with the straight edge again,mark the panel top to bottom.
This gives you a "+" at each drilling point which I mark with a punch as described above
Hope this helps,works for me
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