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Hey Braver!

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Hi Braver

If you want some prog that is a little different than the "norm" then head over to www.nightwish.com and download a few mp3 samples!

I won't say whats so different about them but suffice to say that they rock big time.

Just recieved the DVD "from wishes to eternity" and it is amazing.

I'd start with the Gary Moore cover "over the Hills and far away" if I were you.

I gotta get me some cd's of this band.

For a change I didnt discover this band, some one else on the Hifi Choice site reccommended them to me and am I glad he did....
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yeah, some guy at dreamtheater.net mentioned them a while ago. downloaded some stuff then. I guess they're pretty good, but I prefer The Gathering to be honest. their latest release should be very special. you can download one of the songs from their site (somethig like www.gathering.nl, not sure).

somehow prog with a gothic twist, female vox, cellos, violins and keys mix extremely well
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