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I sent glitch39 some ram for shipping cost. Good transaction and a pleasure to deal with.
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I bought some tubes from glitch39.
Items shipped quickly, very well packed, nice tubes.
First Class seller.
Thanks a lot.
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i bought from robert one pair of 6sn7 raytheon.
fast expedition, great price.
on tube is not perfect but works perfectly.
user recommended
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4 tung-sol 5998's

My second purchase from Glitch39 and everything was perfect again. Quick shipping and excellent packing!! Thanks
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I purchased 2 RCA 6AS7G Power Tubes from glitch39. They arrived very quickly, well packed. Everything's great!
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Bought a Darkvoice amp, came well packed w/xtra tubes. Thanks for smooth deal!

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Sold Robert my Audio-gd Reference 5 df dac.  Was a great guy to deal with, very smooth local pickup / transaction....payment received very fast as well.  Thanks again Robert!


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I bought a pair of NOS Tung-Sol 7236 and 5998 from glitch39. Carefully packed and prompt shipment,good communication, highly recommended!!!

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